Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

So... I almost forgot this blog address.  I guess things have just been so busy between working, raising two kids, growing another one, dance, football, soccer, you know...all the fun stuff.  Today, I received a note from the editor of a local magazine asking if she can use my photos that she found on my blog for the next issue.  Oh yeah... I have a BLOG!!  Guess I should write something there at some point in October...why not Tuesday the 29th?!  Perfect's TUESDAY!

Love List...

  • Last week we had conferences for both kids.  I love hearing about our little people and their days at school.  This year, my very favorite part was actually when I got home.  Jillian, very intently, asked me, "Is their anything Mrs. M said I should work on?"  She cracks me up.  What four-year-old seeks out constructive criticism?  I guess Jillian does.
  • This past weekend was the Mother-Son Dance.  Look how cute my date was!
  • We are continuously answering questions about how thing are going to be once our new baby girl arrives.  The kids want to have as must prep information as they can and each day they manage to come up with new questions about how our life is going to change.  Today's latest?  Myles and Jillian BOTH want the baby's name to be Madeline.  Ben and I have decided on her name already, but we will not be telling the kids anytime soon, because we both know that my mother-in-law will be trying to get it out of them.  Anyway, Myles declared tonight that he will call her Madeline no matter what we name her.
  • Thursday I will be taking the day off to work to do all things Halloween with the kids.  I can't wait.  I bought a headband with a huge spider in it.  I figure, it won't be long before something like that will embarrass my kids at school.  This year though, they are excited for me to come...wearing it. 
  • I love our new reading schedule with Myles.  Every night, he goes to bed 15 minutes early, but he can read for a half hour...actually going to bed 15 minutes later.  His love of reading is so fun to see and I love to look in on him pouring through chapter books engrossed in a world far beyond his bed.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • How rusty my writing skills are right now.  Wow...  A month and a half later and I am squeaking along tonight.
  • The Victoria's Secret commercial that just grazed my TV screen.  Seriously, there should be a pregnancy block that you can put on TVs.  I would also probably block those Wendy's commercials with those pretzel buns that make me gag every time I see one.