Pencil Skirts and Noodle Necklaces…the new fashion statement of motherhood.
Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Nicole.  Stick around for a while…I’m so happy you’re here.
I am a wife to my husband Benjamin for twelve years now.  We have been through many adventures and I look forward to loving each other forever.  It’s so great to find someone who just “gets” you.  I was lucky enough to find that 17 years ago when I was a bopping teenager.  Years and years have gone by and that love has evolved into a family of five.
My oldest child is Myles.  He’s eight and he’d love to tell you about all the wisdom he has gained in those eight years.  Want to read more about Myles?  Click here.

My daughter, Jillian is five.  She loves kindergarten and definitely knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to tell you.  Want to meet Miss Jillian Kate?  Click here.

Our youngest sweetie, Stella Rose, completes our little family in the perfect way!  Want to read more about Stella?  Click here.

After over 12 years in corporate America, I left to open my own Marketing consultancy.  Full Bloom Market Development LLC quickly became my passion.  I work double-time.  As a mom, you are always working, even if you are not with your kids.  You never stop thinking, worrying, and caring about them.  Add in running my own business and that is how I arrive at my double-time calculation.  Full-time mommy and full-time business owner.  

I may not be the most interesting person ever, but I am sure that many mothers can relate to the attempt to balance children, marriage, work, home, and every other thing that your child needs at this very moment (not to mention taking a quick break to use the bathroom yourself!)
This blog is a collection of thoughts and events that make up my crazy, wonderful life with my family.  We all have those days where we (I) fall in the middle of Target, bringing my daughter down with me in a heap on the floor surrounded by my purchases, but we have to get up, brush off our coats, pay for our purchases, and laugh our butts off the whole way home.  Every day is a journey through motherhood.  Hop along on mine with me.  It’s going to be a trip.


  1. nicole, i had to click over to check out your blog after you posted over at Simplicity Interrupted ... your blog name is just so intriguing! i love the design of your blog & the headline ... trying to "have it all" & accomplish it all is exactly what i'm trying to do! your family is gorgeous, thank you for sharing! you definitely have a new follower :)

  2. I love the sentiment of your blog, and especially your comment around mommyhood being a full-time gig, regardless if you work or not. Sounds like we are in similar stages of life. I'm also juggling a full-time corporate gig, blogging about the juggle and I am beyond blessed with 3 kids and a very supportive husband. Definitely going to add you to my blogs to follow.

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