Thursday, March 21, 2013

YaY! My SITS Day!

You know when you are waiting and waiting for months for something special?  Something so special that you start a little countdown in the corner of your planner you can see the big day s-l-o-w-l-y approaching?  Yeah, is THAT day for me!!  It is my SITS Day!

All of my fellow SITStahs visiting today...welcome!!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  Have a look around and I hope you make yourself cozy here in my little home on the web.

Pencil Skirts and Noodle Necklaces was created to share my adventures as I work my way through my daily attempt to have it all.  Between two kiddos, working full-time, and maintaining my marriage of ten's never a dull moment!

On my blog you can read about my adventures with my kids, Myles and Jillian, my work experiences and advice, and all the in between that comes with being a mom.

A few of my favorite posts...

About work...
10 Mommy Skills That Can Be Applied At Work
How Not To Get Promoted
Balance: Working Inside and Outside of the Home

Focus on the Victories
My New Level of Perfection

A few posts about Myles Jacob...
Mother - Son Dance
My Time...For Myles
Lessons In Friendship at Five
Insight into the Mind of a Five-Year Old

A few about Jillian Kate...
Coffee Date
Tiny Dancer
Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists: Jillian Kate Edition
What to Wear Wednesday (even though it was only once - who am I to give fashion advice!?!?)
Perspectives on Life...From a Two Year Old

Ten Years
Vow Renewal
Marriage Maintenance

Helping with Loss

Family Events...
My Favorite Kind of Weekend
A Wedding In Photos

And of course...My Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists.
The First One.
And all the rest.  46 of these!!  Gotta love Tuesdays!

For my regular readers, you might be wondering...what the heck is a SITS Day?  Well, I've been waiting...a long while... and it is finally my turn to be the featured blogger on the SITSgirls website!!  The SITSgirls is a community of 40,000 bloggers who support, educate, and read each other's blogs.  Check it out at the link included if you want to find some fantastic blogs!

Thank you friends, old and new, for stopping by!  I'm so happy to have you here!


  1. Happy SITS day! Enjoy your day! Going to check out some of these posts right now!

  2. Happy SITS Day and seriously not sure how I wasn't following you before, but so happy I am now. Will check out some of your other posts and huge congrats again!! :)

  3. Congrats on your BIG day!!

    WE would LOVE for you to come over to More Than Mommies - at - and fill out a form to be featured on our Sunday Sip! We feature a new blogger every Sunday . . . it's been a great way for us to meet new bloggers and usually results in you meeting some, too!

    Off to read some of your posts! :)

  4. Congrats on your SITS DAY - Hope you have a good one :)

  5. Congrats! Following you from SITS! Happy SITS Day!

  6. Love it! Y'all are adorable! :) Hope you have a FABULOUS SITS day with lots of comment love!-The Dose Girls

  7. happy SITS, new follower! have a great feature day! ~ Paula

  8. Enjoy your day in the spotlight! :) I hope you have an amazing SITS Day!!

  9. Happy SITS day, fellow SITStah!

    Your site LOOKS amazing and I can't wait to really dig into your content!

    Quirky town.
    latest: Advise THIS!

  10. Happy SITS Day! Very cute blog!

  11. Happy SITS Day! You have a very beautiful family and the love you have for each other definitely radiates off the photos. Enjoy your day!

  12. Congrats on your SITS Day! I enjoyed your post on how "not" to get promoted!

  13. Enjoy your SITS day! Looking forward to exploring your blog.

  14. Your blog is so cool! And I'm just now getting the title- at least I think I got it- Pencil Skirts for work and noodle necklaces for the kids? ;-) Very creative!

  15. Happy SITS day, Nichole :D
    This is a lovely blog.

  16. Have a fabulous SITS day!!

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  17. I love your site, I'll definitely be checking back!

  18. Loved the site. Following on bloglovin! Happy SITS day!!!

  19. Happy Sits Day!!! Love your blog :)

  20. Your blog name is so cute and catchy! Love finding new blogs :) Happy SITS day! xoxo

  21. Happy SITS day! I am stopping by to say I am glad to have found your blog... so cute + awesome!

  22. Happy SITS Day! Can not wait to check out your blog futher!

  23. Happy SITS day Nicole. Hope it's worth all that wait. :)

  24. Happy SITS day Nicole! I love your blog title!

  25. Happy SITS day. Cute title and kids. Enjoy today!! Now I'm waiting and counting :)

  26. Happy SITS day! Great pictures with your post. New follower also on your GFC!

  27. Happy Happy SITS Day! woohoo...Emjoy!

  28. You have some great posts! Congrats on being featured!

  29. It's not easy working outside full-time and being a mother. Double-time, indeed! I like your writing. Going to read some of your older posts. Happy SITS Day! :)

  30. Happy SITS day ~ followed you on FB and GFC =))

  31. YAY! I am waiting too. Thank you for stopping by my blog. ☺

  32. Happy SITS Day to you! Hope you have a fabulous day and a fantastic weekend! :)

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks


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