Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Mommy Skills That Can Be Applied at Work...
Negotiation Techniques.  We have to admit, despite our efforts to avoid it; we all negotiate with those little ones once in a while.  “Oh, you want a cookie?  Just finish your dinner and you can have one.”  The give and take of negotiation is used in deals at work all of the time.  Luckily, my counter negotiator at work has never actually cried at my proposal of a price increase!
Listening Skills (or lack thereof).  Most moms have the ability to tune out that annoying kiddie music in the car, another round of d-d-d-Dora, or even whining from a toddler.  How is this skill useful at work?  You have to be careful with this one as not to get caught at the wrong time.  BUT – selective hearing can be very effective in keeping your sanity during a boring teleconference or meeting.  Consider yourself warned, this is a bit dangerous when applied haphazardly.
Presentation Skills.  Performing another round of improv during a puppet show?  How about perfecting your imitation of a silly character to gain the laughter of a tiny one?  These skills have valuable application in gaining confidence during a presentation or speaking in front of large groups of people.  I don’t recommend actually applying any of the impersonations to this relatively more mature crowd.  I doubt it will be well received.
Organization Skills.  You can keep swim lessons, doctors appointments, play dates, and 12:30 Barney to DVR all straight.  Hopping from meeting to lunch appointment at work should be a breeze!
Time Management.  You can find time to ensure clean clothes and dishes for your family, getting everyone to school and work in a semi-presentable fashion, keeping food in the refrigerator and your little people’s tummies.  You have the time management skills of a champ.  Applied to the tasks at work and you will be golden!
Finding Humor in the Unfortunate.  Baby poop in the tub?  Lost pacifier at the Magic Kingdom with a crying little one?  Spilt milk…in the diaper bag…again?  As a mom, you just have to find the ability to find humor in things that sometimes flat out suck.  Otherwise, we would never survive.  Apply this ability at work and no matter how serious the day of meetings, or the account you lost, you can remember that…it’s only work. 
Recovery in Embarrassing Situations.  Singing and cheering for Barney at Barney Live?  Going in a public bathroom and having your child clap and yell, “That was a BIGGGG poop, right Mom?”  These are mom moments that help us prepare for our mishaps at work.  As I have said before, I fall.  Do I do it at work?  Of course.  Somehow, I manage to get up and just laugh at myself.  How about making a mistake in a meeting?  I’m sure it can’t be as embarrassing as your child yelling, “Mommy!!! Can you wipe my Buutttt!” in public.  Embarrassment is relative and children give us many frames of reference for comparison.
Compassion.  Moms know the love that comes with having children.  There is that piece of compassion that children bring to your life.  Applying that at work in dealing with coworkers or employees can help build relationships and keep Zen in the workplace.
Apologies.  If my kids ever get in a tiff, the child causing problems must hug the other and say they are sorry before moving on with our day.  If adult would use those simple words, “I’m sorry” more often in the big kid world, we might all be a little happier.  I don’t necessarily recommend the hug rule.  That may violate sexual harassment laws in some way…
Nagging Friendly Reminders.  “Myles, don’t pick gum from under restaurant tables.”  “Jillian, please use your inside voice.”  Okay, maybe this can’t be as direct at work, but if you ever have led a team before, you know that constant reminders and keeping a task plan on track helps get the goals accomplished.  I don’t recommend using a mom voice in this application, though.
Did you realize how much your kids have prepared you for work?

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  1. Adorable. Looking forward to your follow up post: Work skills that can be used to manage the tots at home! Happy SITS Day!!


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