Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Not To Say To A Pregnant Lady...

Here are a few of my favorite gem comments and questions over the last few weeks.  I thought I would share so you all can enjoy!  I'm so glad I can always find humor in things and it doesn't bother me.  I flourish in their realization of the awkwardness in the comments.  So fun!

1.  Are you pregnant?  Oh good.  I was telling (as she proceeds to list out people's names) that I thought your boobs and butt were a lot bigger.  (Wonderful.  I'm so glad I know that now.  TIP: If you wouldn't typically talk to a women about her body parts before she was pregnant, probably shouldn't afterwards either.)
2.  How old is your youngest?  It must have been a mistake then, right? (Uhhh, noooo.)
3.  Are you sure you aren't further along than you think you are?  (Nope, but thanks for insinuating that I am already huge.)
4.  Are you pregnant?  Oh good.  I was hoping you wouldn't just let yourself go like that.  (Oh, are you pregnant then?  HeeHee!)
5.  When is your due date?  February.  Oh, so May huh....  Didn't you and Ben go out of town sometime in May?  (Let's see appropriate to try and guess when a child may have been conceived.  And no, we didn't go out of town in May.)
6.  Are you sure you are not having twins? (I must look like I am because I have been asked this a dozen times.)
7.  Why would you want another baby when your kids are finally the age that they are self sufficient?
8.  Does it bother you that with the age gap in your children, this one will practically be an only child?  (At six and four, I'm sure Myles and Jillian will grow up alongside this baby just fine.  Not to mention, what is wrong with an only child?)
9.  Why would you try and wear those heels when you are pregnant? (Because I like them?)
10.  A kid at Jillian's school ran up to me and asked, "Where is your baby?"  Jillian answered for me pointing to my stomach... "Right there in that fat."
11.  And my favorite awkward moment from the last time I was pregnant...just for nostalgia's sake...  A male coworker put his hand on my belly.  I put my hand on his.  His response, "Point taken."

Any favorites you have experienced?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...First Trimester Edition

I am so happy and thankful to say that this winter it will be baby booties and swaddling blankets over here at our house.  I am pregnant.  I thought today would be the perfect time to share my loves about the first trimester, as well as those lovely things I could have done without.

Love List...

  • The pure joy of seeing that second line on the pregnancy test.  After a miscarriage, I will be honest, it is a joy that is mixed with fears.  Many fears.  Yet, the thought of another child is still full of triumph and hope.
  • The sound of a nurse calling with a happy tone in her voice.  She had good news.  Great test results.
  • Making it past the date in the pregnancy that I lost the last baby.  I love that little one in Heaven and I always will.
  • Despite the fact that I have been sick for seven weeks the majority of each day, that ill feeling is on my love list...since it indicates I have a growing baby. (Yet, I will now officially use it as my explanation for my lack of posts through June and July.)
  • Seeing an adorable little peanut on an early ultrasound with a flashing little heartbeat on the screen.
  • The excitement and joy my kids expressed with the news.  Since then, they have continued questions and discussions about it.  My favorite?  Listening to Myles tell Jillian how it is going to be.  "You know, I've done this already when you were born.  I remember it."
  • A husband that has been so helpful and understanding as nausea has overridden each passing week.
  • Dreaming of tiny fingers and toes.
  • I had a doctors appointment at 11 weeks.  She put the fetal doppler on my belly and immediately found the sounds of the most beautiful little heartbeat.  It brought tears to my eyes, and relief to Ben's.
  • Myles and Jillian are both begging to have the baby sleep in their room.  As an indication of their love and excitement, it warms my heart.
  • Today, sitting at my desk I felt the first little tapping from inside.  Such a welcome and familiar feeling.  Amazing.
  • Talking through names with Ben.  
  • New and exciting seem to come in waves in our family.  Along with the plans to welcome a new baby, I have accepted a new role as Lean Manager at my office and Ben and Josh (his business partner) will open the doors to their second insurance office.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • A nightly ritual of taking a pill, immediately puking it up into my hand, and then looking down at it knowing I still need to take it.
  • Gaining weight eating food that sounds gross anyway, but you know you will probably feel a little better if you eat something.
  • The growing number of clothes that don't fit, but I refuse to take out of my closet and replace with maternity clothes.  I literally get maternity clothes out of a bin, while my walk in closet remains full of clothes that don't fit.  Not real efficient...huh?
  • I haven't been all that emotional...but I will admit that I cried yesterday when Ben helped me.  Completely irrational.
  • Motion sickness bracelets at work.  I looked like an idiot and I don't think they worked anyway.
  • My butt always manages to outgrow my belly.  Looks like this pregnancy will be no different.
  • I'm gonna need a bigger car...and my resistance against a minivan is getting harder and harder to maintain.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

You thought I would never post again...didn't you?  Surprise!

Love List...
  • Tonight after dinner Jillian and I did something I can honestly say we have never done before.  We grabbed her pillow and a few assorted princesses from her room and headed into my room to cuddle and watch TV.  It was awesome.  I can't tell you how many times she checked to see if I was sleeping.  Try laying in a bed after a long day all cuddled with a cute little girl watching cartoons and not close your eyes.  It's a true challenge.
  • These past few weeks while I have been missing all of you...we have been visiting zoos, trampoline parks, beach towns, pottery painting studios...playing laser tag, in the sand, the lake, and the boat...bowling, fishing...visiting with family from near and far...and having a darn good time.  I love summer.
  • This weekend we are headed to Chicago as a family.  We go this weekend every year (sometimes with and sometimes without kids).  Our anniversary weekend.  The kids are so excited and we are looking forward to the fun!
  • Going to bed that first night with clean sheets.
  • Myles wrote an adorable story tonight about a squirrel in space. "Squirrel Pearl In Space" to be exact.  I hope I have a budding writer on my hands.
  • Tonight, I got to talk to my sister for a half hour, followed by a conversation with my Mom for another half hour.  Love it.
  • Watching Jillian's little hands painting her favorite color pink on her pottery yesterday at a studio.  She was nervous and wanted help, but she moved her little fingers with precision and she completed a masterpiece.  My favorite part of watching Myles paint?  His pottery selection.  He chose a trophy an wrote "#1 Myles" on it.  He said, "Well, if you can't earn a trophy, you can always make one!!"  Awesome.
  • Michigan cherries.  I seriously love them.  Too bad I left $11 worth sitting on my desk on Friday to come back to the office today to find a furry, moldy mess.  So sad.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • The upper 60s to low 70s late September weather that has been keeping us from the beach lately!
  • Cracking my iPad screen while changing the cover.  Seriously, I am not that strong.  How in the world could that happen?!?
  • Waking up at 2 a.m. to the sound of a dog puking.
  • Pants.  They are really overrated.  I'm all dresses over here lately.  Maybe it's because it is all that Jillian ever wants to wear...