Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Not To Say To A Pregnant Lady...

Here are a few of my favorite gem comments and questions over the last few weeks.  I thought I would share so you all can enjoy!  I'm so glad I can always find humor in things and it doesn't bother me.  I flourish in their realization of the awkwardness in the comments.  So fun!

1.  Are you pregnant?  Oh good.  I was telling (as she proceeds to list out people's names) that I thought your boobs and butt were a lot bigger.  (Wonderful.  I'm so glad I know that now.  TIP: If you wouldn't typically talk to a women about her body parts before she was pregnant, probably shouldn't afterwards either.)
2.  How old is your youngest?  It must have been a mistake then, right? (Uhhh, noooo.)
3.  Are you sure you aren't further along than you think you are?  (Nope, but thanks for insinuating that I am already huge.)
4.  Are you pregnant?  Oh good.  I was hoping you wouldn't just let yourself go like that.  (Oh, are you pregnant then?  HeeHee!)
5.  When is your due date?  February.  Oh, so May huh....  Didn't you and Ben go out of town sometime in May?  (Let's see appropriate to try and guess when a child may have been conceived.  And no, we didn't go out of town in May.)
6.  Are you sure you are not having twins? (I must look like I am because I have been asked this a dozen times.)
7.  Why would you want another baby when your kids are finally the age that they are self sufficient?
8.  Does it bother you that with the age gap in your children, this one will practically be an only child?  (At six and four, I'm sure Myles and Jillian will grow up alongside this baby just fine.  Not to mention, what is wrong with an only child?)
9.  Why would you try and wear those heels when you are pregnant? (Because I like them?)
10.  A kid at Jillian's school ran up to me and asked, "Where is your baby?"  Jillian answered for me pointing to my stomach... "Right there in that fat."
11.  And my favorite awkward moment from the last time I was pregnant...just for nostalgia's sake...  A male coworker put his hand on my belly.  I put my hand on his.  His response, "Point taken."

Any favorites you have experienced?


  1. A student of mine's dad asked me if I was sure I wasn't having triplets. I couldn't stand him in the first place, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to stop myself from punching him! Looking at your list, I can't believe how many people in this world are born without a filter. mean really, the only one on there that has an excuse is a four year old. You're a beautiful mamma in every way.

    1. If you punched him, at least you could have blamed the hormones! :) Thanks for your sweet comments and for stopping by!

  2. I just had twins 6 weeks ago so I understand the stupid comments people say. It's all fresh in the mind. :-) To add to it, when you announce your having twins then they start to ask "are you sure it's only 2 and not 3." Um, I only gained 15 lbs for the whole pregnancy so I know I wasn't that big. The worst part is that once you have the baby it won't be over. Everyone wants to stop and look at your baby and comment. With twins and a 2 year old I'm a spectacle. I had to tell a lady at the grocery store yesterday to "please keep her hands off of my child," just because there's two doesn't mean you can touch one. Good luck and congratulations. Just remember you are pregnant and it's probably good that the world puts you on a pedestal. Soak it up.

    1. Only gained 15 pounds with twins?!? That is amazing!! I've had friends with twins tell me about the spectacle factor. I think I would get tired of that...real quick. Thanks for stopping by!


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