Monday, September 9, 2013

School Talks.

I've sure been missing all of you lately.  Just when I think I'm done being all sorts of BLEH, I get sick again.  Isn't this all supposed to be done by now?!?  My belly button is flat and tending towards protruding already.  Enough with the "morning" sickness!!  :)

First day of First Grade.
Anyway, we have been loving this back to school season.  Who doesn't love sharpened pencils (hello??  Did you see they were selling them already sharpened this year?!?), new lunchboxes, crayons, markers, pencil boxes, and new friends to greet each morning.

Myles has had many new adventures, including riding the bus to school, a desk that actually opens, and another wonderful teacher to help mold his eager love of learning again this year.

Open house day at Preschool
Today Jillian started her final year of preschool.  She woke up with a confident smile and was ready for the day.  Ready to see some of her old friends, make new friends, and do the things that Jillian does.

Bus waiting buddies

Everyday that I pick the kids up from school there is a battle...who gets to tell all about their day first.  Today was no different, but Jillian took the first spotlight, since it was her first day.  I heard all about the friends she sits by, who pushed who, who finished their lunch last, and how thirsty (read in an exasperated voice) she was on the ride home.  She didn't write her name on the sign in sheet because it wasn't out yet today...her show and tell day will be Monday...and her hair is up because she got too hot with it down.  You know, all of the important details.  I love hearing each and every one of them.  I'm not with her during her day, but her full descriptive account helps me feel that I was. First day of preschool...a success.

Everyday, in between meetings, spreadsheets, and emails, I glance at the clock and think about where Myles is and what he is doing... I wonder if Jillian liked the note in her lunch today... I am hopeful that they ate their lunches, made new friends, and that they were a good friend to someone that needed it....oh yeah, and that they learned something.  No matter where I am, they are always on my mind.  So, when I get the full download in the car about who Myles played with on the playground and how his teacher was "yapping at these kids that were not being good in class today" on the way home, my heart is questions answered.  We are back together after a long day.  Content.

Riding her bike to pick up Myles at the bus stop.

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