Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pounding the Pavement.

The rural streets around Gull Lake took a beating today...a pounding actually.

From fifth grade jogging club to road therapy at 31 years old, running has always been my outlet.  I have come and gone in training throughout the years, but there is always a happy home in my running shoes and the great outdoors.
I think we all need an outlet.  A place to put our frustrations, anger, sadness, or just a plain old bad day.  Over the years, I have run with tears blurring my vision of the road I run along in sadness over loss.  I have run so happy that I felt like I was skipping like a third grader through the streets.  Emotions are free to flow.  It is just me, the trees, and the road.

Today I ran.  I ran hard.  I left it all on the road.  I have no idea how far I went, how many cars I saw, or if there were any animals along the way.  I just ran.  In fact, I think the first mile was more like stomping my feet like a three year old that can't have a popsicle.  It felt good.

My pavement weapons.  I have earned both of those holes.  I bet there are 400 miles on these shoes.  Time for some new ones.
Every time I go running, no matter what the distance, I sprint the finish.  I do it for two reasons...  One is the obvious reason that I want to have that last kick at the end for the next race I run.  The other reason?  I want to push through whatever I was working on in my head through the whole run.  Leave it all out on the road.

What is your outlet?  Do you have one?  I hope so.  We all need one.  We all have those days that we are frustrated with our children, or had a bad day at work, or fought with our husband.  How are you gonna deal with it?  I'm going to run.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...
  • I caught Jillian practicing mad faces in the mirror on Monday.  It was serious business for her.  My opinion...she really doesn't need the practice.  She has mastered that skill quite some time ago.
  • Myles: "I hope I have a boy and a girl baby when I grow up, just like us.  I would name my boy after myself.  Me: "What would you name your girl?"  Myles: "That would be up to my wife of course!!  These great ideas just keep swirling in my head, Mom!"
  • Saugatuck, Michigan.  I love walking the boardwalk looking at the boats, meandering through the quaint little shops, stopping at the playground to run around, and grabbing ice cream for the kids to enjoy on the lawn of the park.
  • I am rocking a toe ring again.  White with yellow designs.  It has been at least five years, but why the heck not?
  • Jillian made her first career proclamation this weekend.  She said, "Mom, I  might want to be an ice cream maker when I grow up."  As long as she is happy...
  • The Letter "J" I made for baby Josephine's shower this week.  Once I got over it needing to be perfect, it turned out just fine!  Actually, it probably looks better messy.
  • The money we dropped on private swimming lessons for Myles was worth every penny.  He proved it on Monday.
  • I wore a dress to work today that I bought ten years ago.  TEN!  I had five compliments on it.  Hilarious!  Guess some things truly never go out of style?
  • Myles had his last day of preschool last week.  Not sure which list this belongs on because I can't believe how big he is!  He is so excited about Kindergarten.  I think he would love to fast forward the summer, so he could go to school now. 

Better Off Without List...

  • The illusion that everyone's life is perfect.  We all have our own problems that we are dealing with, right?
  • Heavy food in the summer.  No wonder we all look our best in the summer...sun-kissed cheeks and the winter-five cushion...gone!  Who can slam a big serving of lasagna when it's 95 degrees?  Please pass the salad!
  • Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.  You know, the cool video the Seattle Children's Hospital put together was awesome and I loved it...but I hate that song.  I'm not sure it is even true.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?  Says who?  Kelly?  The "From Justin to Kelly," Kelly?  Hmmm.  I can't change the channel fast enough.
  • Sick babies.  It gets me every time.  I can honestly say, THAT is WHY I am a germophobe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday’s Love and I’m Better Off Without Lists…

 Love List…
Erica, my baby sister.
  • My baby sister is 21 today!  The tiny preemie baby that could fit in the palm of my Dad’s hand is all grown up (she is still short though).  From baby bottles to beer, I’m so lucky to be her big sis.
  • After the kids were in bed Saturday night, I painted my toenails.  Jillian was whimpering, so I went up to see what was wrong.  As soon as I walked in her fairly dark room she immediately said, “Did you just paint your toes?  I LOVE them.  That is a great color pink.”  Of course, we did hers to match the next day.
  • Myles loves fishing.  It is so adorable to watch him cast like a fishing champ and patiently wait for a bite.  He prefers to fish in the channel, where he can quickly catch a dozen bluegill.  Out on the lake, it takes a bit too much time for him.
  • I worked on my tan this weekend.  I just love floating along on the lake.  Packed lunches, sunscreen scented children (despite the new sunscreen causes cancer also craze – I figure sunscreen is less painful than sunburn!), and the rays just beating down on us.  I love summer.
  • Jamming on the radio, singing to myself and the rest of the cars on I80 on the way home to my babies from Cleveland last week.  Good tunes can always make the miles go faster.
  • My DVR.  I can’t tell you the last time I watched a show with commercials!
  • Spree candy.  No, I haven't had them in forever, but I love them!  Not the chewy ones.  Original all the way.  The best and red.
  • Ben actually wrote the words (in an email), "I wouldn't mind a third baby."  I love that statement!  Too bad he followed it up with, "We can start trying as soon as you go back to work full time."  Darn it.
  • My followers.  Thank you, friends!  Do you regularly read my blog and enjoy it?  Please show your love by following my blog.  What is following?  Following is just a nice way to pat a blogger on the back and say, “I enjoy reading your posts!"

I’m Better Off Without List…
  • The patch of grey hair that formerly resided on the right side of my bangs.  Screw that old wives tale that if you pull them out three will come in their place.  BUT, if that happens to be true…I’m in trouble.  They have officially been evacuated.  Now I know why blondes have more fun…they don’t find seven grey hairs on a Saturday night and spend five minutes on a hunt with tweezers.
  • A lecture from the Walgreens lady about why I can’t run my debit card as credit.  She was literally yelling at me as I entered my pin, grabbed my stuff, and walked out the door.  Smile, people.  If you hate your job, just quit.  Oh – she was wrong anyway.  Somehow I highly doubt that Walgreens is losing just SO MUCH MONEY from people running debit cards as credit and never paying.  Isn’t that the credit card company’s problem?  Whatever, lady.
  • Laryngitis.  Thank goodness I can write to all of you to express my words...since I can't talk!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Boat Load of Fun

What a gorgeous weekend here in West Michigan.  We spent the entire weekend (other than nap time - like right now!) on the boat.  Gull Lake is beautiful and is just the perfect combination of peacefulness and fun.  Blue skies, crystal clear water, and smiling faces make for a great time.  The water is still pretty chilly to jump into, so water guns sufficed for our water fun for this weekend.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

Picnic lunch.  Of course Myles wants to eat his lunch from the Captain's Chair.  Wouldn't you?

Jillian claimed that I made "the best sandwich EVER!"

Myles reflecting on his life.  Just kidding.

On the lookout for pirates is more likely.

Pouty Jillian.  Not really sure why she is pouting in this picture.  Maybe it was the wind.  Or, sometimes at three, she just wants to pout.  Sometimes, I want to too I guess...and I'm 31.

There's a smile attempt!

Silly brother!

There's my guy.  Can't believe that this week is his last week of preschool.

Today, Papa and the kids.

Sailing competition.  Beautiful, isn't it?

The pirate flag is officially hung.  It's summer, people!

We are planning to squeeze as much as we can out of this weekend.  As soon as nap is over, we are headed back onto the boat for ice cream.  What can possibly be more fun when you are five and three that driving on a boat to get ice cream at the ice cream shoppe? (It seems more fun to spell shoppe this way.)  I can't think of many!

Hope your weekend was awesome!  On to Monday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Man vs. Woman: The Office Perception

So..imagine this...  You are sitting in a meeting and a man expresses his opinion that is in disagreement with the majority of the room.  He has a valid point and doesn't back down about his beliefs.  The confidence and power displayed is valued and admired.  How about if a woman was to say the same thing?

I have been working at my company for almost ten years.  Over the course of those ten years, I have come from a timid, young (21 year old) girl to now - where I would describe myself as a confident woman.  It took a lot of time, experience, and self-reflecting, but I'm there.  I am confident enough to lead teams, manage people, and say what I think in a room full of executives (not to mention say what I think to thousands of readers).  If they didn't want to hear my opinion, I would not have been invited to the meeting, right?  That's what I tell myself, anyway.  I have been around long enough that I have opinions and I can make decisions with confidence.  It's been ten years, but I am so happy and proud that I am where I am.

I am very lucky to know many powerful women within the workplace.  Over the last few years, I have taken note of the tough spot that women sometimes find themselves in when in a position of power.  The constant worry..."Do I come off as bitchy?"  Somehow, I doubt that men worry about this...  Power.  For some reason, I think it is perceived differently when displayed by a man versus a woman.

Many women in the workplace are able to keep a tough facade during meetings, only to break down in weakness after the fact.  Over-analyzing every word said and how it may or may not be perceived.  I find it hard to believe, once again, that men sit at home or in their closed office worrying and over-analyzing.  Several of my friends in high positions have these insecurities.  Is it indicative of a position of power?  Or, it is just indicative of a women in a powerful position?  Why do we let self-doubt take over?  Women do this in so many areas of our lives.  Even mom-guilt is a form of self-doubt.  Sometimes, mom-guilt is rooted with validity (Here is a great post from a friend of mine with great thoughts on this).  Other times, it is just a way we torture ourselves with self-doubt...many times even about things that are out of our control.

I think we, as women, need to just let it go.  We have been placed in the positions that we are in because we are good at our jobs (from executives to the mommies of tiny tikes).  Let's remind ourselves of that.  Let's acknowledge ourselves internally when we do a good job.  Practice in little, "Man, I made a good dinner tonight."  It will help us gain the confidence we need. Let's not apologize for things that are not our fault.  It is such a common thing women do - we are accommodators, pleasers, and apologizers.  I have made a point over the last few years to bite my tongue when I want to apologize at work (unless it is my fault, of course).  Last, but certainly not least, let's support each other.  Women helping other women.  What a wonderful support system that we have at our fingertips.  I'm saddened to say that many times it doesn't work out that way.  I see women tear each other apart all the time.  I'm so glad I have avoided these situations and I have managed to surround myself with a great support system of powerful women.  Find your own team.  Support is a wonderful thing (in the workplace and at home).  I love knowing that we have each other's backs.

Today, a co-worker (who had been traveling with an site engineer I used to work with often), told me that the engineer thought I was intimidating.  Me?  Intimidating?  I am still trying to figure this out.  Especially because the majority of my exposure to this person was five years ago.  Five Years Ago...  I was still trying to find my way between that timid girl to a confident woman.  Questioning myself everyday.  Questioning, how I was put into a position to manage the largest accounts and millions and millions of dollars.  Over-analyzing every encounter.  How could I have been intimidating back then?  Is it just because I was a female doing a "man's job"?  Is it maybe even a compliment that at 25 years old I was able to intimidate anyone?  I still haven't digested this one fully...but I've decided I'm not going to over-analyze it.  I'm going to go to work on Monday and do what I do.  I'm going to do what I've taught myself to do.  Be confident.  Be decisive.  And...I won't apologize that I intimidated anyone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Our Richland Community Library.  This week, Jillian won third place in the Children's Book Week 2012 Contest!  Her guess of 12,345 books was the third closest to the actual number of children's books (12,359) in the library last Thursday!  Do you like our creative guess of 1-2-3-4-5?  We collected our awesome prize of three books and a box of candy with pride.  It was another example of an excellent program the library put together for local children.
  • Eating ice cream (even if it is low-carb) on the front porch with my husband after the kids are in bed.
  • Bedtime and song singing in our house.  I love Jillian's wet little ringlets resting on my shoulder for her story.  I love that Myles's song preference includes made up silly songs about our day.  
  • Myles has become a Star Wars buff.  I am not into Star Wars in the least, but it is something he has chosen to love and he has a quest to know everything about it.  Books, DVD, and countless complicated inquiries where I don't even understand the question, let alone the know the answer.  He has stumped even the most dedicated Star Wars fan in our family.  May the Force Be With You.  ANNNDD...may he outgrow this lightsaber battling, galaxy fighting obsession before junior high.
  • I signed Jillian up for dance class last week.  Ballet and Tap combo class was full...but I think she will love Ballet and Hip Hop, don't you?  She has been referring to it as Ballet and Hop Around.  As much as she jumps around (practicing for her spot in the Izzone for college), I'm sure she is envisioning...jumping.
  • Entourage.  I miss seeing my boys E, Ari, Vince, Turtle, and Drama each week.  I know I was not supposed to like it, since I am female.  But...I loved it.  No reason for HBO now. 

Better Off Without List...

  • Facebook statuses about vomit of any kind.  It happens to be one the most unpleasant human experiences.  There is no need to share it with me...and 400 of your closest friends.  I actually get a sick feeling every time I read a puke I can catch it just from reading the words.
  • Snakes.  They totally creep me out.  When I was a kid, we lived in the country.  Somehow a snake got into one of the bathrooms.  It crawled into a hole in the bathroom scale.  You could see his nasty body through the number window.  The scale is probably still in the woods behind that house where we threw it.  Think that fear of a snake is the toilet is just silly nonsense that is totally unwarranted?  It can happen.  Sick.
  • Staying up late every night.  I shouldn't, but I will keep doing it.  For whatever reason, I never want to end the day.  After the kiddos are in bed (around 8), there is still a whole second "day" to live.  I'm definitely better off without that late night regret the next morning...but oh-well!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take That Hallmark...

I went shopping this morning for Mother's Day.  Last minute, I know...  My excuse is that we have been going a little crazy over here lately.  Opening a new business can take a little of your time.  Anyway, as I was wandering the small little gift shop I was contemplating, how in the world can you get gifts for our Moms that truly exemplify how appreciative we are to have them in our world?  I've just can't.

What gift says, thank you for always supporting us in anything that we do?  Can flowers express how thankful I am for grand-mothering my children in a way that that only our moms can?  How about unconditional love?  I can confidently say that no gift can measure up to the gift that a mother gives her child with unconditional love.

Our two mothers (one who gave me birth and one who gave me my husband) are simply amazing.  I want to take a minute to thank each of them...

Mom, thank you for raising me with the framework of right and wrong.  Teaching me to stand up for what I think is right.  Thank you for changing all of those dirty diapers, caring for me during late nights, and holding my hair every time I was sick.  Only until I was a mother of my own children, did I truly understand the unconditional love that a mother has for her child.  Also, it was only with my own children that I truly understood how much you have done for me over the last thirty-some years.  Thank you.  You continue to grace my family with care.  I appreciate so much that you are an active member in the cast of family and friends that are helping shape my children into the amazing adults they will someday become.  They sure love their Nanni.

Mom, thank you for raising my husband to be a man of ambition, integrity, and compassion.  You helped shape Benjamin into the father and husband that he is and I will be forever grateful.  Thank you for making me a member of your family well before I ever walked down the aisle towards your son ten years ago.  I have always felt that I am your daughter, your friend.  Families go through good times and bad.  I'm glad we have each other to celebrate the wonderful and support each other in during the hard times.  Thank you for being a very special Nana to my children.  They love you so much.

As a mom myself now, I know and understand that the gift doesn't matter at all.  What matters is that we take tomorrow to celebrate all that our Moms do for us everyday.  We love them so much and I want them to know that.  I want them to know that we were thinking of them, just like I know they think of us all the time.

To all of you Mothers, reading this...Happy Mother's Day.  You deserve a special hug and kiss from those kids you call your own.  Mothering is the hardest job we will ever do.  24/7 we care for, worry about, and love our children.  Mother's Day is just one day of the year and it might be wonderful or it might not - you never know when you have a crew of your own.  Either way, we need to cherish the special moments our kids give us everyday.  Special moments (and you know them when they are upon you) can help us get through those days that your shirt is stained, your hair is a mess, and your kids are screaming, puking, or having a fit.  Thank goodness for these amazing memories that we can recall to keep us from locking ourselves into the bathroom to escape the crazies on the days when things just can't seem to go our way.  Wishing all of you one of the days that everything goes right.  Big smiles and giggling instead of whining.  Those are the times that prove that being a mother is the most wonderful job you can have.

Take that Hallmark.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Confessions of a Recovering Sugar Lover: Part Two

Confession time.  Part two.  I had a handful of Peanut M&Ms today.  A big handful.  I also had a breadstick today (or maybe two, but who is counting).  What happened to my no sugar, no carbs vow?  I'll tell you what happened...

In late February, my doctor told me I had "sugar issues".  You can read all about it here.  I made an immediate change to my diet.  If food had any carbs in it, it wasn't going in my mouth.  I had willpower of steel.  Honestly, I think I was actually just afraid to eat anything that had carbs in it.  I think my doctor did a great job explaining why I couldn't have anything good ever again.  It was the first time a doctor ever told me I had to change my lifestyle.  My Type-A personality was all over wanting to please her.  Fairly quickly, I adjusted to my new eating habits.  I had lost a few pounds and felt good.  I didn't even really miss sweets.  I had a different outlook on food altogether.  It wasn't about how it tasted.  It was just about re-fueling my body.

Then it happened.  Easter.  Maybe I should just drop the "s" and call it Eater.  I cheated.  I ate a few candies and some good food at dinner.  That night my stomach definitely did not feel great.  I just wasn't used to carbs anymore.  Yet, nothing major happened.  No alarms went off.  I didn't instantly gain ten pounds.  I didn't even get shaky from the sugar.  Nothing really happened, except for a bit of a stomachache.  I had been so scared about all of the changes I needed to make leaving the doctor that week back in February.  Yet, when I cheated, it appeared to be no big deal.  I'm not sure what I had been scared of the whole time, but I realized the effects of the sugar were not immediately apparent (at least on the outside).  Thus, the cheating began...

...And it has continued.  I don't have my blood sugar checked all that often and I know when it's coming.  So...I have been eating pizza again.  I have even had some french fries during some late night painting projects.  I'm not sure I even feel all that bad about it.  Sure, I know I shouldn't, but geez, the doctor didn't even diagnose me as a true diabetic.  Borderline is borderline.  That means I can enjoy a piece of pizza here and there, if you ask me.  Shoot, maybe it even means I should have carbs sometimes while I still can!

All kidding aside, I know I need to get back on the bandwagon.  It is the healthy thing to do.  I don't want to be a full diabetic and I need to regulate my sugar myself if my body doesn't want to do it for me.  Perhaps admitting and confessing my transgressions to you will help me get back on track...  I hope so.  I also hope my doctor doesn't read this....the pizza I ate...wasn't even wheat crust!  Neither were those M&Ms.  They were good though!

I will get back on track and I'll keep you posted.  I'll start again asap...probably tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List…

  • Sisters.  Enough said.
  • HGTV.  It grazes our TV screen at some point (even if I’m not dedicating much attention to it while typing…like now) almost every night.
  • Not getting a speeding ticket this week.  Thank you to the slow station wagon that had me frustrated beyond belief while he was rolling along at five under.  Had it not been for you, Mister Rule-Follower…I probably would have a nice ticket from that police officer waiting to catch someone like me!
  • The snooze bar.  Want to know what I love even more?  The fact that my husband will hit snooze several times every morning for me and when it is getting too late…he will wake me up.
  • Looking forward to Myles’ school performance fast approaching.  He will be an elephant.  His line?  “Dancing is neat, we are light on our feet!”
  • My weekly bouquet of flowers the kids and I pick from our yard for my kitchen sink.  So cheery!
  •  Graduation ceremonies.  At the risk of sounding nerdy I do admit…I get teary-eyed every time. 
  • Gu Energy Gel.  I can actually feel it come over me and take effect.  Full-blown goose bumps while running and I’m not even cold!  Bring on the energy burst!
  • Favorite quote of the week that came at a bridal shower from Jillian.  “Look Mom, I’m eating like a lady!”  Complete with dabbing a napkin to her lips.  Where does she get this stuff!?!
  • Etsy gift giving.  I can always find that special something that I was looking for…but just not talented enough to make myself!
  • Jillian just couldn’t wait to give me what she made for Mother’s Day.  She was brimming with excitement yesterday to unveil her masterpiece.
  • Checking on my sleeping babies at night before I go to bed.  They are just so peaceful and sweet.  Not to mention, the hilarious sleeping positions that they have worked themselves into every couple of nights.  I love to re-tuck them in.

I’m Better Off Without List…

  • Clutter.  I have enough cluttering my mind all the time.  There is no room on my countertops for it.
  • Potato salad, macaroni salad, egg salad, chicken salad, or any other “salad” bathing in mayonnaise.  Who decided that adding the word salad would define soaking good food in a nasty mayo dressing?  Where is the lettuce anyway?
  • Seeing the man at the Borgess Race for the Health of It in a loincloth and headdress.  He ran the race.  You should have seen where he pinned his number…  Actually, if I had to witness it - you should have to too!  You can locate the race number yourself...
  • A crazy, overly-tired, three-year-old screaming session from Miss Jillian Kate on Saturday night.  Don’t worry, she made up for it in hugs, kisses, and apologies.  

Hope this week brings you many things for your own Love List!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Winning Workers!

Today was the Borgess Run for the Health of It.  The company that I work for had 200 people from our local plants that participated.  TWO HUNDRED!  We had experienced runners, first time racers and walkers, and a fun-loving cheering section to support fellow co-workers.  It was inspiring to see a sea of yellow shirts in the crowd.

Today was yet another one of those days that I am so proud to be an employee of our company.  Not only were they a major sponsor of the event, but they promoted and encouraged people to train, set goals, and accomplish them.  They made a commitment to the community and the employees participating to go all out for us and this race.

At the final mile marker, our company even had a cheering section of people encouraging us, complete with a DJ to rock out some tunes.  It was an awesome way to pump up the runners as they entered the last mile of the race (some 5K, some 1/2 Marathon, some Marathon - I capitalize Marathon intentionally out of respect for the distance).  It was over and above anything I expected for the event.  Simply awesome.

Not the cutest picture...but Myles and Jillian were cheering me on at the finish line!
The team atmosphere and feeling amongst our staff was so fun.  We all wanted each other to do well.  I was so happy for so many of my friends who accomplished their goals and ran their butts off.  I can't forget to mention the competitive pride wagers, trash talk, and bits of extra motivation to ensure you beat a few certain people (and yes - I did).  What's the fun without a little friendly competition, right?  I was so glad I ran the 5K instead of the 1/2 Marathon, so I was able to run with friends.

Encouraging each other, high fives, and people accomplishing personal lifetime goals...even those who have never run before...simply amazing.  I'm so proud to have been a part of it.  Our company proved once again that they are such a great employer.  I am sure that many other employees felt the same appreciative of the support and effort.

I heard many people already setting goals for next year...I can't wait!  Congrats to all that participated!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just a Day at the Park

What a beautiful day...all the way down to the thunderstorms rumbling in the background as I type.  We took a trip to the park for a picnic and some fun in the sand.  I love that Jillian likes to refer to the HUGE sandbox at the Richland Park as the "beach".  She tells me she knows it is not the real beach, but she like to call it that anyway.  It was so wonderful today to see a peek of what the summer has in store for us.  Sunscreen scented faces, sandy legs, dirty feet, sundresses, and flip flops.  I love summer.  Here are some pictures of our fun today...

Myles was actually interested in posing for pictures.  Not sure what that was all about, but cool for me!

I absolutely love this little sun jumper that Jillian is wearing.  It's at the Gap if you are interested.  Yellow is my favorite color.  It is just so sunny!  My Little Sunshine. 

See those tiny toes in the bottom corner of the picture?  That is Lainey.  Her Mom was having a lovely afternoon "visiting with her friend" according to Lainey.  So... I gained another child for our day at the playground.  Three to push on the swings...three to help on the monkey bars...and three to photograph.  I kind of do want a third, but I was thinking it would be under different circumstances!  She told me several times not to forget to take her picture.  I actually do have a few.  She whined more to me during the two hours at the park than either of my kids did all day long.  I don't think I could watch my child from a far on the playground while another mom was taking care of her...

Busy building sandcastles.  Want to help your kids make friends at the playground?  Bring sand toys.  It attracts children like an ice cream truck and gives your kids great practice sharing!  Consider yourself warned though...You may end up with your own Lainey for the day!

Climbing Myles.

Ben and I used to self photograph ourselves all of the time.  Not so much anymore.  I think this photo might prove why...

Miss independent.  She can do it herself.  Of course!

King of the Richland Park.  Posing again!

My monkeys.

After the park, we met Daddy to see the new furniture delivered to their new AAA office.  How exciting! Only one more week before opening!  Myles is showing his handy skills in this posed shot... Too bad we can't really put him to work with a paint brush!

I hope you found your own way to enjoy the sunshine today.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List…
Saturday Night

  • The purply-pink hair extension that Jillian has in her hair from an American Cancer Society fundraiser.  She loves it.  I’m living vicariously though her on this one, since I probably won’t have one of my own.
  • The awesome craft project my sister and I worked on last Saturday night.  Who says staying in isn’t fun?  Ripping up t-shirts + hot glue guns + giggles = great night.
  • Seeing the progress of my husband’s office space as it is transformed into a AAA Insurance office.  Opening is just around the corner.
  • The excitement building at work as 150 coworkers prepare to compete in the Borgess Run for the Health of It race this weekend.  Should be a blast.  What amazing participation.  I hear there might be a few side bets to make it even more fun…
  • Hand-making invitations for parties.  Give me some scrapbook paper, card stock, and ribbon and we are ready to roll.  Wanna see a sample?  Here is the latest baby shower invites I’m working on for my gorgeous preggie sister.
  • Quality time with my kids individually.  It is always so much fun for both of us!  This weekend was the trip to Grand Rapids to Pinkalicious at the GR Civic Theatre with Jillian Kate.  The joy in her eyes was worth the crazy schedule for that day.
  •  Watching tee-ball games.  So wonderful to see Ben coaching the boys and Myles enjoying every minute of it!
  • Sarcasm at work.  What a great way to make it through the day.
Jillian and a cupcake from the Pinkalicious Show.
Batter Up Myles Jacob!

I’m Better Off Without List…

  • Seeing 55-year-old lady belly button at work.  Let’s be professional, ladies.  Save it for your next trip to Wal-Mart where I'm at least prepared for it.  Was that too harsh?  Sorry.  She should be sorry too.
  • The Michigan construction zones currently cramping my work commute style.  Please tell me…  Why would you close the most important road into a town and then close the DETOUR road as well?  Awesome.  Hello?  Anybody even thinking here?