Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take That Hallmark...

I went shopping this morning for Mother's Day.  Last minute, I know...  My excuse is that we have been going a little crazy over here lately.  Opening a new business can take a little of your time.  Anyway, as I was wandering the small little gift shop I was contemplating, how in the world can you get gifts for our Moms that truly exemplify how appreciative we are to have them in our world?  I've just can't.

What gift says, thank you for always supporting us in anything that we do?  Can flowers express how thankful I am for grand-mothering my children in a way that that only our moms can?  How about unconditional love?  I can confidently say that no gift can measure up to the gift that a mother gives her child with unconditional love.

Our two mothers (one who gave me birth and one who gave me my husband) are simply amazing.  I want to take a minute to thank each of them...

Mom, thank you for raising me with the framework of right and wrong.  Teaching me to stand up for what I think is right.  Thank you for changing all of those dirty diapers, caring for me during late nights, and holding my hair every time I was sick.  Only until I was a mother of my own children, did I truly understand the unconditional love that a mother has for her child.  Also, it was only with my own children that I truly understood how much you have done for me over the last thirty-some years.  Thank you.  You continue to grace my family with care.  I appreciate so much that you are an active member in the cast of family and friends that are helping shape my children into the amazing adults they will someday become.  They sure love their Nanni.

Mom, thank you for raising my husband to be a man of ambition, integrity, and compassion.  You helped shape Benjamin into the father and husband that he is and I will be forever grateful.  Thank you for making me a member of your family well before I ever walked down the aisle towards your son ten years ago.  I have always felt that I am your daughter, your friend.  Families go through good times and bad.  I'm glad we have each other to celebrate the wonderful and support each other in during the hard times.  Thank you for being a very special Nana to my children.  They love you so much.

As a mom myself now, I know and understand that the gift doesn't matter at all.  What matters is that we take tomorrow to celebrate all that our Moms do for us everyday.  We love them so much and I want them to know that.  I want them to know that we were thinking of them, just like I know they think of us all the time.

To all of you Mothers, reading this...Happy Mother's Day.  You deserve a special hug and kiss from those kids you call your own.  Mothering is the hardest job we will ever do.  24/7 we care for, worry about, and love our children.  Mother's Day is just one day of the year and it might be wonderful or it might not - you never know when you have a crew of your own.  Either way, we need to cherish the special moments our kids give us everyday.  Special moments (and you know them when they are upon you) can help us get through those days that your shirt is stained, your hair is a mess, and your kids are screaming, puking, or having a fit.  Thank goodness for these amazing memories that we can recall to keep us from locking ourselves into the bathroom to escape the crazies on the days when things just can't seem to go our way.  Wishing all of you one of the days that everything goes right.  Big smiles and giggling instead of whining.  Those are the times that prove that being a mother is the most wonderful job you can have.

Take that Hallmark.

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