Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just a Day at the Park

What a beautiful day...all the way down to the thunderstorms rumbling in the background as I type.  We took a trip to the park for a picnic and some fun in the sand.  I love that Jillian likes to refer to the HUGE sandbox at the Richland Park as the "beach".  She tells me she knows it is not the real beach, but she like to call it that anyway.  It was so wonderful today to see a peek of what the summer has in store for us.  Sunscreen scented faces, sandy legs, dirty feet, sundresses, and flip flops.  I love summer.  Here are some pictures of our fun today...

Myles was actually interested in posing for pictures.  Not sure what that was all about, but cool for me!

I absolutely love this little sun jumper that Jillian is wearing.  It's at the Gap if you are interested.  Yellow is my favorite color.  It is just so sunny!  My Little Sunshine. 

See those tiny toes in the bottom corner of the picture?  That is Lainey.  Her Mom was having a lovely afternoon "visiting with her friend" according to Lainey.  So... I gained another child for our day at the playground.  Three to push on the swings...three to help on the monkey bars...and three to photograph.  I kind of do want a third, but I was thinking it would be under different circumstances!  She told me several times not to forget to take her picture.  I actually do have a few.  She whined more to me during the two hours at the park than either of my kids did all day long.  I don't think I could watch my child from a far on the playground while another mom was taking care of her...

Busy building sandcastles.  Want to help your kids make friends at the playground?  Bring sand toys.  It attracts children like an ice cream truck and gives your kids great practice sharing!  Consider yourself warned though...You may end up with your own Lainey for the day!

Climbing Myles.

Ben and I used to self photograph ourselves all of the time.  Not so much anymore.  I think this photo might prove why...

Miss independent.  She can do it herself.  Of course!

King of the Richland Park.  Posing again!

My monkeys.

After the park, we met Daddy to see the new furniture delivered to their new AAA office.  How exciting! Only one more week before opening!  Myles is showing his handy skills in this posed shot... Too bad we can't really put him to work with a paint brush!

I hope you found your own way to enjoy the sunshine today.

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