Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday’s Love and I’m Better Off Without Lists…

 Love List…
Erica, my baby sister.
  • My baby sister is 21 today!  The tiny preemie baby that could fit in the palm of my Dad’s hand is all grown up (she is still short though).  From baby bottles to beer, I’m so lucky to be her big sis.
  • After the kids were in bed Saturday night, I painted my toenails.  Jillian was whimpering, so I went up to see what was wrong.  As soon as I walked in her fairly dark room she immediately said, “Did you just paint your toes?  I LOVE them.  That is a great color pink.”  Of course, we did hers to match the next day.
  • Myles loves fishing.  It is so adorable to watch him cast like a fishing champ and patiently wait for a bite.  He prefers to fish in the channel, where he can quickly catch a dozen bluegill.  Out on the lake, it takes a bit too much time for him.
  • I worked on my tan this weekend.  I just love floating along on the lake.  Packed lunches, sunscreen scented children (despite the new sunscreen causes cancer also craze – I figure sunscreen is less painful than sunburn!), and the rays just beating down on us.  I love summer.
  • Jamming on the radio, singing to myself and the rest of the cars on I80 on the way home to my babies from Cleveland last week.  Good tunes can always make the miles go faster.
  • My DVR.  I can’t tell you the last time I watched a show with commercials!
  • Spree candy.  No, I haven't had them in forever, but I love them!  Not the chewy ones.  Original all the way.  The best and red.
  • Ben actually wrote the words (in an email), "I wouldn't mind a third baby."  I love that statement!  Too bad he followed it up with, "We can start trying as soon as you go back to work full time."  Darn it.
  • My followers.  Thank you, friends!  Do you regularly read my blog and enjoy it?  Please show your love by following my blog.  What is following?  Following is just a nice way to pat a blogger on the back and say, “I enjoy reading your posts!"

I’m Better Off Without List…
  • The patch of grey hair that formerly resided on the right side of my bangs.  Screw that old wives tale that if you pull them out three will come in their place.  BUT, if that happens to be true…I’m in trouble.  They have officially been evacuated.  Now I know why blondes have more fun…they don’t find seven grey hairs on a Saturday night and spend five minutes on a hunt with tweezers.
  • A lecture from the Walgreens lady about why I can’t run my debit card as credit.  She was literally yelling at me as I entered my pin, grabbed my stuff, and walked out the door.  Smile, people.  If you hate your job, just quit.  Oh – she was wrong anyway.  Somehow I highly doubt that Walgreens is losing just SO MUCH MONEY from people running debit cards as credit and never paying.  Isn’t that the credit card company’s problem?  Whatever, lady.
  • Laryngitis.  Thank goodness I can write to all of you to express my words...since I can't talk!


  1. happy birthday Erica!!! and i just read about the sunscreen...i spent 30 minutes on reading all the ingredients for sunscreen looking for ones that don't have the cancer agents in them...its just crazy!! Heres to lake season!!

    1. Terrible isn't it?!? We try to protect our kids... Geez! Well, we aren't staying in all summer and sunburns hurt - so sunscreen it is!!

    2. Cheers to that! love ya! Quinn is going to be 6 months just in time for summer :)

    3. which sunscreens are safe? :)

    4. You want to avoid oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate. Both chemical have been questioned for accelerating cancer when paired with sun exposure. Our sunscreen - Coppertone Pure and Simple doesn't have either of those listed in ingredients. Yay! Google it and you can find more info! :)

  2. I am an official follower now : )

  3. Hope you both feel better tomorrow. I guess misery loves company. Love you both.
    Aunt Mary

  4. Replies
    1. We'll see is right! I might have a sitter or two...quit if we have a third. Lol.


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