Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List…

  • Sisters.  Enough said.
  • HGTV.  It grazes our TV screen at some point (even if I’m not dedicating much attention to it while typing…like now) almost every night.
  • Not getting a speeding ticket this week.  Thank you to the slow station wagon that had me frustrated beyond belief while he was rolling along at five under.  Had it not been for you, Mister Rule-Follower…I probably would have a nice ticket from that police officer waiting to catch someone like me!
  • The snooze bar.  Want to know what I love even more?  The fact that my husband will hit snooze several times every morning for me and when it is getting too late…he will wake me up.
  • Looking forward to Myles’ school performance fast approaching.  He will be an elephant.  His line?  “Dancing is neat, we are light on our feet!”
  • My weekly bouquet of flowers the kids and I pick from our yard for my kitchen sink.  So cheery!
  •  Graduation ceremonies.  At the risk of sounding nerdy I do admit…I get teary-eyed every time. 
  • Gu Energy Gel.  I can actually feel it come over me and take effect.  Full-blown goose bumps while running and I’m not even cold!  Bring on the energy burst!
  • Favorite quote of the week that came at a bridal shower from Jillian.  “Look Mom, I’m eating like a lady!”  Complete with dabbing a napkin to her lips.  Where does she get this stuff!?!
  • Etsy gift giving.  I can always find that special something that I was looking for…but just not talented enough to make myself!
  • Jillian just couldn’t wait to give me what she made for Mother’s Day.  She was brimming with excitement yesterday to unveil her masterpiece.
  • Checking on my sleeping babies at night before I go to bed.  They are just so peaceful and sweet.  Not to mention, the hilarious sleeping positions that they have worked themselves into every couple of nights.  I love to re-tuck them in.

I’m Better Off Without List…

  • Clutter.  I have enough cluttering my mind all the time.  There is no room on my countertops for it.
  • Potato salad, macaroni salad, egg salad, chicken salad, or any other “salad” bathing in mayonnaise.  Who decided that adding the word salad would define soaking good food in a nasty mayo dressing?  Where is the lettuce anyway?
  • Seeing the man at the Borgess Race for the Health of It in a loincloth and headdress.  He ran the race.  You should have seen where he pinned his number…  Actually, if I had to witness it - you should have to too!  You can locate the race number yourself...
  • A crazy, overly-tired, three-year-old screaming session from Miss Jillian Kate on Saturday night.  Don’t worry, she made up for it in hugs, kisses, and apologies.  

Hope this week brings you many things for your own Love List!

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