Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pounding the Pavement.

The rural streets around Gull Lake took a beating today...a pounding actually.

From fifth grade jogging club to road therapy at 31 years old, running has always been my outlet.  I have come and gone in training throughout the years, but there is always a happy home in my running shoes and the great outdoors.
I think we all need an outlet.  A place to put our frustrations, anger, sadness, or just a plain old bad day.  Over the years, I have run with tears blurring my vision of the road I run along in sadness over loss.  I have run so happy that I felt like I was skipping like a third grader through the streets.  Emotions are free to flow.  It is just me, the trees, and the road.

Today I ran.  I ran hard.  I left it all on the road.  I have no idea how far I went, how many cars I saw, or if there were any animals along the way.  I just ran.  In fact, I think the first mile was more like stomping my feet like a three year old that can't have a popsicle.  It felt good.

My pavement weapons.  I have earned both of those holes.  I bet there are 400 miles on these shoes.  Time for some new ones.
Every time I go running, no matter what the distance, I sprint the finish.  I do it for two reasons...  One is the obvious reason that I want to have that last kick at the end for the next race I run.  The other reason?  I want to push through whatever I was working on in my head through the whole run.  Leave it all out on the road.

What is your outlet?  Do you have one?  I hope so.  We all need one.  We all have those days that we are frustrated with our children, or had a bad day at work, or fought with our husband.  How are you gonna deal with it?  I'm going to run.


  1. I always sprint to the finish on my runs, too! There's just something empowering about finishing with a bang...:)

  2. I really miss running! I would have to say that recognizing you need the outlet is as important as the outlet! Quite time in the morning or a drive without the radio seems to help start the day...... I heard today that our prayers are how we talk to God and our intuition is Gods response to our prayers...... We need this outlet to hear the answers! Thanks Niki, great blog post!

  3. I blogged a reply to this post. Once upon a time, I ran. I literally ran like Forrest Gump. I truly miss it. Your post has given me some inspiration.


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