Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Showers Bring Bridal and Baby Flowers!

I have been to so many showers lately, I am soaking wet!  Within the last month I have attended three bridal showers, one baby shower, thrown a baby shower, I'm throwing a bridal shower this Friday, and have two more pending invitations for bridal showers this June.   Let the parties begin!!  All eight of them!

Showers are so fun.  It is wonderful to see the excitement in the bride or the momma-to-be.  They have a wonderful adventure ahead of them, that is for sure.  It seems that showers take on a whole new meaning after you have experienced the grand life change that the guest of honor is about to embark upon.

A new bride with her rosy cheeks in anticipation for her big in love.  She has amazing adventures, both the wonderful and the not so wonderful, ahead of her.  In the end, it is about the fact that she will have a partner for life to encounter and share all of those life experiences - both the good and the bad.  I remember before I got married, imagining how it would be to live together, make decisions together, and create a life together.  At the bridal showers, I love to think of all the bride has ahead of her.  Not just the wedding day with the big dress, gorgeous hair, and perfectly painted nails...but the life she is about to begin.  The family she may someday create.

Annnnddd, on to baby showers.  How could you not love to see the latest and greatest baby gadgets, tiny flip-flops, sun hats, and handmade sweaters?  Motherhood is such a wonderful treat.  Most days, I feel it's truly the greatest gift.  (I won't lie and say that I think this everyday...because that's impossible.  Especially on those days you just can't get them to bed soon enough.   On those wonderful could you think anything other than, thank goodness I survived!)  The mother-to-be, with her glowing skin and round belly, is about to become the newest member of this cool club called motherhood.  She will find herself so in love with this tiny baby that coos, cuddles, screams, and poops.  Her patience and sanity will be tested...but all worth it for that little smile he gives you, that hug that embraces you, or that tiny voice that says, "I love you, Mommy."  What a wonderful adventure.

Here are some pictures from the baby shower for my sister, Sarah, last week.

Mini cupcake tower.  Drink table in the background.  I love my big glass water dispenser.  I use it all the time!  This time, it was filled with ice water with lemon.

Dinner was a big salad bar.  Chicken and the toppings of your choice.  Don't like salad?  There were sandwiches, pasta salad, and other "salads".  Still not your fancy?  See dessert table.  All kidding aside, the salad bar seemed to be a hit with the ladies (all 45 of them).  See the bunny trees?  I loved them.  They were silver decorative trees with pink and white bunnies hanging from the branches.  Guests took bunnies off the trees on their way out.

This Friday, I will have a shower for Brooke (my sister-in-law) who is getting married in July.  It should be an amazing time and a great way for me to try some of my Pinterest recipes and decoration ideas!  It will be a busy and exciting week!

On the menu for Friday night...

  • Baked Brie (Brie topped with raspberry jam decoratively enveloped in crescent rolls, topped with brown sugar and maple syrup.  Served with crackers and apple slices.)

  • Caprese Salad Skewers (Mini skewers staking cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella marinated in olive oil and Italian spices.)

  • Cake (Hello, it isn't a party without cake, right?)

  • AND Mixed Drinks of course!

It will be a young crowd.  I'm prepared to feel like an old maid.


  1. I've attended a few baby showers at work myself-three and counting in the last two weeks. I really love to attend showers, it allows me to be a little crafty. The energy at these functions is something to be bottled for later use. I love your posts and anxiously await to see what you'll write about next.


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