Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

 Love List...
  • My new baskets for my bench area.  I have been waiting for the perfect find.  Baskets that were unique and screamed my name.  I finally found them.  Take a look.  Those amazing flowers are up-cycled baseballs.  How awesome is that?  My favorite is this old school picnic basket with a similar cored baseball.  I'm in love with it.  They will hold our hats and mittens perfectly.  
  • Bella Patina.  The amazing new store in downtown Kalamazoo that has too cool refurbished furniture, up-cycled items, and awesome unique accessories.  I loved every single item in the store.  The only reason I walked out with just the three baskets is that we walked in ten minutes before closing on Saturday night.  I. Must. Go. Back.
  • Jillian has been referring to Myles as "My Myles" all week.  I love it.
  • Despite the fact that Myles was sick from Thursday to Sunday, he was in amazing spirits.  He tried so hard to stay in a good mood, even though my poor baby was shivering from his fever.
  • Jillian, in her pure innocence, accepts compliments with grace and happiness.  So many women (myself included) have trouble accepting compliments.  I could learn from her ease and self confidence (in moderation).  She can handle any compliment without refuting the validity of the compliment, like I so often do (and was told so by a very smart woman today).  Although, sometimes maybe she is a little too confident than would be socially acceptable by an age over three.  In complimenting her, "You are so cute, Jillian,"  once in a while you will receive an, "I know" response.  I guess modestly and humbleness is a learned trait?
  • Myles is so excited about his half birthday next week.  He is planning an elaborate putt-putt family outing for this weekend.  The countdown has begun.
  • Anytime Jillian finds an article of clothing that is too small, she wants to save it for her new (in utero) baby cousin, Josephine.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Running too soon after dinner.  I never knew I could belch like a man that had too much beer.  I can.  Guess that old wives tale to wait an hour after eating rings true...
  • Sleepless nights.
  • Riding Myles' Razor Scooter.  Let's be honest...I'm just not coordinated enough for it.
  • That Subway yeasty smell that sticks with you all day long.  No need to ask where I went to lunch can smell it.


  1. LOVE how the baseball flower baskets look in your closet. So nice to have met you at Bella Patina on Saturday night! Thanks for sharing the love on your blog!! ~Bridget


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