Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Fun List!

To further my love of lists, the kids and I have been completing seasonal "Fun Things To Do This Season Lists" for the last few years.  At the beginning of a new season, we will sit down together (the selection committee - Myles, Jillian, and I) and create our list of fun things to do in the new season.

Myles and Jillian reviewing our list from last summer.  The funniest entry for them, "Potty train Jillian."  Not sure if it constituted fun...but it had to be done last year!
Today, we finally got around to completing our summer fun list.  We used last summer's list as a reference to make sure we got all of the fun things we needed to hit again this year.  How could anyone forget to have a water balloon toss?  Or a campfire with s'mores?  Not sure, but we have it covered - it's on the list!

The kids love coming up with all of the fun things they want to do.  No need for the list items to be expensive.  They just need to be things we will all enjoy doing together as a family.  This year Jillian's most passionate addition was, "To watch the sunset!"  Not sure if it is just a ploy to stay up late one night, or the beginnings of a budding romantic.  Either way, we'll do's on the list.

Some other fun things on our list this year...

#4   Go to the beach.
#12  Kayak in the channel.
Our final list for this summer.
#16  Slip 'n Slide!
#22  Play outside in the rain in our rainboots.
#25  Walk the pier in South Haven, MI.

We proudly display all of our final selections on the wall in our kitchen.  The kids will frequently reference it and see if we can do something today to cross another off the list.  Actually, we use checkmarks.  Just like their Momma, they LOVE checking things off the list.

What would be on your list of fun things to do this summer?  Think of it as a mini bucket list and get them done.  Your summer will be that much more amazing.

Speaking of lists...I better get back to the one calling my name.  The shower planning list for tomorrow has a lot crossed off, but I gotta get the rest of it done!

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. Love it! And so cute that you put potty training on last years......I need to make my list!

    1. So glad we don't need potty training on this years! :) Have fun making your list!


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