Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend in Photos...

This weekend we had a lot of adventures!  It all started with a fun shower for my sister-in-law, Brooke.  I'll post some pictures from the evening later this week.  You already saw the menu in one of last week's posts...  I do have a few comments about some of the recipes.  Stay tuned!

As for the rest of the weekend...we did a great job of checking off many of our Fun Things To Do This Summer.  Here are our fun times in photos...

Fun Thing to Do # 4 Go To The Beach.  We spent an awesome day in South Haven on North Beach.  We loved every minute of it.  We also knocked out #14 Go to the Farmer's Market while we were in South Haven. 

Lunch in South Haven.

So happy to be at the beach.  They are finally awesome ages to play all day in the sand, sun, and waves.

The Sandman, Myles.

I was so happy that the kids made instant friends with Owen, the kiddo next to us on the beach.

Building a sandcastle with Dad.  Yes, this was on the list as well... It is # 26.

Two sandy thumbs up from Jillian on Beach Day.

Take a serious look at this pose.  Poor Myles missed the boat...but Jillian is rockin' it!  People were honestly laughing at her on the pier (which walking it is #25 if you were wondering).  She just knows how to work it, doesn't she?  I swear, I did NOT teach her this.  You don't see me in many pictures...that proves my case.

We saw a college-aged girl selling bracelets on the beach.  The kids each made their pick and displayed them proudly.

Star Wars in the water.

Myles, Jillian, and their beach friend.

I'm so happy that they can make friends so effortlessly.

Somehow, these two high school girls took to Jillian and wanted to include her in their game.  So sweet.

Mack Daddy Myles moved onto the ladies when Owen was on a walk.  He was chasing and playing with this little sweetie for quite a while.

Love her. 

After the beach we headed to Saugatuck (#13) for dinner and ice cream (#2).

Myles' biggest wish for his half birthday (which was SO IMPORTANT to him this year - I'm wondering if it is because he has a December birthday?) was to go putt-putt golfing (#3).  So today was his day.

Yes, Jillian's club is backwards in this pictures.  She was surprisingly half-way decent at putting.

We knocked a lot off out list for the summer this weekend.  I have a feeling we will be doing all of those Fun Things again this summer...because they were just so fun.

Hope your weekend was awesome.

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