Thursday, March 22, 2012

Closet Renovation

This post is a bit embarrassing to me…kinda like posting a picture on Facebook in my pajamas…but I’ll do it anyways.  Does anyone else have one of those closets in their house?  One of those closets that you would throw yourself down the hallway to keep a guest from opening it to hang their coat in?  A Monica Geller closet that is just crammed full of insanity that no one would ever know about…unless you post it on your blog like an idiot.  Yeah, I used to have one of those closets.  When we moved into this house in October of 2010, our front entryway closet was stuffed with a few boxes and crap I never unpacked and just stayed that way.  For a year and a half, people!!

Well today, that closet is no longer my Monica closet.  It is our new entryway bench.  I am lucky enough to have a very handy husband, who built the bench (with storage underneath!), shelving, and hooks for all of the kids’ things as they come home from school.  I do have to give myself some credit for helping with the design, doing all of the painting, and of course, making the bench cushions!  I still need to get some baskets for the storage box area.  I’m thinking a box for each of us to keep our gloves, hats, scarves, and sunglasses would be great.  Boots and shoes can be tucked away in the bench and we have a much more functional area that we will actually use!

I took a few pictures along the process if you want to take a peek…
It's empty!!

Ready for storage baskets and boots under the bench.  I bought boot trays to keep moisture at bay.

Don’t worry, I haven’t totally said goodbye to my Monica Geller tendencies… I still have a junk drawer in my kitchen…not to mention the storage area in the basement…


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