Monday, July 23, 2012

A Wedding in Photos...

A beautiful bride.  A handsome groom.

A teary ceremony.

A rockin' reception.

A perfect wedding to begin a beautiful marriage.

So happy for the special couple.

Love you Brooke and Jarrod.

Here is a glimpse into the perfect day...

Getting ready with all of the girls.  Showing off flower girl purple nails.

Jillian's had her hair done for the first time.  She loved it.  So. Did. I.

Bride and flower girl.

In her dress...reflecting on love before the wedding.

Brooke and Jillian ready to head upstairs to the church!

Let's get this wedding started!

Princess flower girl doing her earn a jelly bean.  Yes, bribery for perfect performance was in full force.  It wasn't my idea....but I was all for it.  It worked.

Adorable ring bearers minus the rings and plus a sign.  They did their job...perfectly.

Awaiting the bride's beautiful arrival.

Special princess shoes.  They are great for twirling, you know.

Library books during the ceremony kept three sets of little lips sealed.

She looks like she is up to no good...  Awaiting the bride and groom's exit from the church.

Myles actually was up to no good.  Proof he is truly his father's son...  All of the groomsmen were storing their wallets, phones and keys in Myles' lunch pail that he received at the rehearsal dinner.  The only Michigan Wolverine in the bridal party informed me the next day that Myles charged him a dollar for his wallet back...because he was a Wolverine.

Loading the bride's train into the car.

View back to family and friends from the car.

Picture time.  Yes, these smiles were in hopes of another jelly bean.  Awesome parenting, I know.

Princess serious.

The wonderful aunt and uncle with their niece and nephews.

Family photos.


Bustling the bride's dress.

AND - then it was time to par-tay! 

Myles and Jillian were geeked.  Dancing, music, twirling...what else could a kid ask for?  They didn't even take time for cake.  My favorite part in watching the kids...  As soon as the dance floor was opened, Myles took Jillian by the hand and led her to the center of the dance floor.  He twirled and dipped his way across the floor.  Until...another little guy of four years old...cut in.  How adorable.

One of Jillian's dance partners.

Nana (Mother of the Bride) and sweaty, dancing Myles.


I repeat.  Sweaty Myles.

Gorgeous Brooke and I.

Ben and I.

Cute cousins.

Yes, something was funny.

Erica and I.  Too bad Ben photo bombed us.

Love you Brooke!


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