Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Seeing Myles in a tux.  He looked like he was 12.  He loved the way he looked.  When he tried it on, he wanted to show off his look to the family.  He needed everything perfect - belt, socks, shoes, the whole bit.  Before he left the bedroom to present himself, he took a quick peek in the mirror.  You could see the suave in his face.
  • Cousin pen pals.  Do you remember how awesome it was to get mail when you were five?  I do. Amazing.  We are writing letters tomorrow to send to North Carolina to a special cousin!
  • Tan line interval training.  What the heck is that you say?  It is true motivation to power through an interval training run.  Who wants a sports bra tan line?  Not me!  So...I sprint in the sun and jog in the shade.  Interval motivation!  I'm weird, I know.
  • Cuddling on the couch.  Enough said.
  • This week I don't have any meetings (as of tonight) on my days off!
  • This upcoming weekend we have no plans.  Sometime those turn out to be the very best weekends.
  • Myles and Jillian cradling their heads, laying on their stomachs, watching the first dances at the wedding this weekend.  Myles said at one point, "Mom, Papa is just so handsome, isn't he?"
  • A wonderful surprise mother-daughter dance at the wedding.  What a cool way for the bride to show her mom love.  Why does the mother of the bride traditionally get left out of the dances anyway?  She is pretty darn special you know!
  • A simple email to Leapfrog and they sent us directions on how to fix Myles' toy...and it actually worked!
  • Every single night Jillian asks me if she can come into my room in the morning when she wakes up.  Every time I tell her that I don't work the next morning...she cheers!

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Steak and Shake at 2am.  You can't properly judge nutritional intake after midnight.  Nothing good happens when you eat a plate full of grease after a night on the town.  Nothing.
  • A Kalamazoo County Animal Control officer stopping by our house to demand we renew our dog, Wilson's, license.  For some reason I thought that when we moved to Richland we were off the hook on that.  Guess not.  His threat to dognap Wilson was...not so awesome.
  • A vacuum that has lost its suck.  It sucks actually...just not on my floors.
  • Discovering a un-flushed toilet hours after the little person donation was made.  If you are a parent, I'm sure you know what I mean.


  1. Love it! Agree on all...and the toilet surprises are plentiful here!


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