Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiny Friends.

I love that my kids have friends that they love.  Friends that they ask to see again before we are even out of their driveway.  Friends that can play for hours together, without fighting about sharing, without hurt feelings, and without any drama.  Just good buddies that can race cars together, dress up like princesses, and have a Star Wars light saber lesson.  I love that after a good playing session with friends, the kids are so worn out that they fall asleep on the way home.  They learn together, teach each other, and most of all play like besties should.  It even gives mommas time, catch-up, and talk about those fun buddies playing together in the playroom.  

Tiny tots reading a bedtime story together.

Aren't these three cute?

Meeting new tiny sister friends.

Jillian asked me to take this picture.  Guess she wanted this memory.  She was two at the time. 

Friends experiencing firsts together.  First time at the theatre.

Sometimes I wonder if these little ones will stay friends over the years, through middle school and into adulthood. Will Myles still want to marry Lydia at 24?  Could they live in nearby dorms at MSU and give each other a wave at the bar...old BFFs with lots of memories?  Could Jacksen take Jillian to his senior prom...friends forever?  Or maybe Jacksen and Myles will take over their daddies' insurance office together someday like Jacksen says they will.  All of these little scenarios are a little silly, but as parents, Ben and I talk about and relate back to our childhood friendships.  Some friendships are lifelong and everlasting and some fade over the years.  As we watch our kids grow and relate to other children, I guess it is natural for us to surmise about their relationships.  I'm so glad I can watch things unfold for them.

Time to plan another playdate.  It is good for the kids...and the moms!

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