Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feeling Crafty...Sangria Bottle Soap Dispenser

So...I'm sitting on my couch watching the Olympics...of course.  Just love it.  Anyway, I was thinking of this old Sangria bottle that I saved a few months ago.  (I saw it under my sink tonight when I was looking for the perfect vase for some gorgeous birthday flowers my parents brought back for me from the Chicago farmer's market.)  ANYWAY, I love the shape of it (and the Sangria that came in it).  Back to the story, I thought of a genius idea for it!  (AND -  it was actually an original thought - instead of a Pinterest copycat like usual - there is something to be said for that people!!!)  And I digress again...

I begged Ben to help me cut off the threads to our kitchen soap dispenser (I am too clumsy to trust myself with a sharp knife and a plastic bottle).  We fit it right into the top of the sangria bottle, filled it with soap, and screwed the top to the old soap dispenser right onto it!  Ten minutes and I have a free soap dispenser that is MUCH cooler than the plastic one that was sitting there before!  The green tint to the glass will look great with the green paint we have picked out for the kitchen.  (Glidden's Softest Juniper after much debate this afternoon.  It has the perfect springy freshness that I wanted.)

I was so excited I just had to share with my friends!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

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