Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Jillian Kate Edition: Three Years Old Today!

Love List…

  • Jillian’s loving and caring heart.  She never gives me a hug without rubbing my back or kisses without smiles.
  • Jillian’s hair.  Perfect ringlets without the frizz.  How come my curls take work?  This girl is wash and wear.
  • Jillian’s confidence.  She can walk into a room full of adults and hold a conversation on her own.  She came into my work last Halloween.  Before she left, I think everyone knew her life story…and why her princess dress was so gorgeous.
  • Jillian tells me daily something that I do that is “The BEST!”  “This is THE BEST pizza you ever made.”  “You are THE BEST pancake maker.”  Today was simply, “Mommy, you are THE BEST!”
  • Jillian’s wittiness.  A birthday party quote from this weekend…”Mom, I am eating this party up!”   She wasn’t referring to food. 
  • At birth, Jillian was 9lbs. 15.5oz.  Had she not pooped in utero, this petite girl probably would have been TEN pounds!  This is something I love about her now, but not necessarily during labor…without drugs.
  • When Jillian is really pumped about something, she will give a little fist pump and give a gritty, raspy “YES!” that only she can do.
  • Jillian is the most independent little girl I have ever met.  She handles everything on her own first, only asking for help when she has exhausted all of her efforts trying to do it herself.  She would probably cook her own dinner if I let her.  I’m glad she still needs me once in a while.
  • Jillian loves her brother…a lot.  In fact, they are hugging…right…now.
  • Jillian’s belly laugh.  You know that laugh that babies have when they really get going?  The one that comes from the very bottom of their tummies?  She hasn’t lost that carefree laugh.
  • Despite the fact that Jillian knows the word fart (how could she not with a five year old brother)...she prefers to say her butt burped.
  • Jillian’s silliness.  She can joke with the best of them.
  • Jillian’s ability to pick things up so quickly.  She can remember the darndest things and learns so quickly.
  • Jillian is a clean freak.  I love it.  Another example why she is a tiny version of…me.  One less room to clean for mom!  Everything is always in place in her bedroom.  She knows where each toy belongs and will correct you if you put things in the wrong bin.
  •  Jillian is great at showing her emotion and calling it like it is.  Remember this post?  You can see her opinion written all over her face.  She owns it.
  • Jillian let me rock her like a baby tonight, her last night as a two-year old.  We sang her lullabies...together.

Better Off Without List…

  • Jillian is three going on twenty.  You know there would have to be few items for this list…  Since it is her birthday, I won’t mention her occasional sassy attitude or strong opinions...oops.

Jillian Kate,

You are the sweetest little girl I could have ever asked for.  I’m so glad you are my daughter.  I have enjoyed every minute (well, almost every minute – every minute minus stomach flus, and foot stomping episodes) of our three years (plus nine months) together.  From quieting your baby cry bouncing on an exercise ball to dressing up for our tea parties… it has all been wonderful.  I look forward to every minute together that we have ahead of us.  Please take your time growing up.  You are becoming such a confident, independent little girl.  I look forward to seeing the woman you will become.  I have every confidence that you will be amazing (because you already are!) and accomplish many things in your life.  I love every hug, kiss, and smile you share.  You brighten every day.  I love you so much.


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