Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday

I certainly admit that I am not qualified to give fashion advice. Little Miss Jillian Kate on the other hand…is more than happy to offer her take on fashion. She has great guidelines to offer…assuming you are a two-year old girl!

This is the outfit she picked today for our fashion show. It has all the right elements for success,

What makes a fashion show at our house? Well, first you put together your outfit. From there, you must be announced… “Now Presenting… Jillian Kate!!!” Then, you take your turn showing off while the mom paparazzi snaps away. Change and repeat as long as the smiles continue! Myles enjoys this game quite a bit as well. His outfits are...well...a bit more Superheroish.

Anything in pink is the latest and greatest in fashion. Find a dress that resembles what Minnie Mouse wears on the red carpet and you have hit the fashion jackpot! You can also add a pink boa to anything to increase the appeal factor. Notice her nailcolor? Blue. Blue IS NOT the new pink, but it is an acceptable substitute for pink on a spunky day.

Today, Mom got a pick for an outfit in the fashion show.

You can tell how much she loved it in this photo.

Seriously, how does she have longer eyelashes without mascara on than I do with it on?? Seriously!!!

Do you think she might have liked her outfit a little bit better??

She decided my outfit pick wasn't so bad afterall. I guess it's more fun to enjoy the fashion show than to pout. In fact, she wanted to put this one back on after the show was over. Helloooo! Two words. TWIRLY SKIRT.


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