Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dish on Dinner

Why is it that I can make decisions all day, but the “What’s for Dinner?” question is always my dreaded decision of the day? Do I mind actually cooking the meal for my family? Not at all. (Although, I do call dinner prep time “Witching Hour” at our house. It is the time for all children to act up, right?) It’s the act of deciding what to make that truly drives me batty.
In a typical week, I cook six nights of the seven. Despite the numbers, deciding is a drag every night. I have tried planning the meals for the whole week on Sunday night… I guess it just goes against my “style” of cooking. I make things up. Not sure if I’m alone on this one, but I rarely follow a recipe. Cooking is like a science experiment, right? Just add some of this, a little of that, add some cheese to the mix, and viola! It’s ready! Just please don’t ask me to make that one thing from a few weeks ago. I doubt I can replicate it.
I asked Myles if I was a good cook. “Uh-huh,” was his response. This is about as much information I get from my home restaurant patrons if I ask what they want for dinner. “Whatever is the easiest,” is the standard answer from Ben. If you let Jillian decide, we would be living on macaroni and cheese and quesadillas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about “kid food” at lunch – your typical pb&j, mac & cheese, turkey sandwiches, and quesadillas (I love hearing her say this with perfect Mexican flair!) Beyond a fruit and veggie, they can pick what they want for their main dish at lunch. BUT – for dinner, I would prefer the kids eat a real meal, one that an adult would like too! Guess I’m off to decide what is on the menu tonight. Yippee. (Please note the sarcasm.)
Be sure to stop by on Wednesday. We’ll be having a new segment – What to Wear Wednesdays. Don’t worry, I’m not offering any fashion advice. Jillian Kate might have a few ideas for the under three crowd though!


  1. My crock pot is my best friend. Throw a pork or turkey tenderloin in and several hours later...dinner! Easy for me now but I was doing it even before Quinn got here!

  2. Great idea Bri! Especially with a new baby :) I go in spurts of using mine.


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