Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinkalicious Pinktastic Third Birthday Party!

A pink party explosion landed at our house this weekend.  Complete with pink cupcakes, cake, cookies, lemonade, and anything else pink I could possibly think of.  The day was a success.  Not because the cupcakes turned out...but because Jillian felt the love of her family and friends.  Since a picture says a thousand words, here is a whole bunch of pictures from party prep to the crash landing after the party...

Pinkalicious cupcakes just like in the books.  Wondering who the heck Pinkalicious is?  Click here.

Not all of the cupcakes were perfect...  These made it to the trash before the party.  Cupcake hint: never pour the batter into the cups while the others are baking.  The result?  See above.

I operate off of a list.  I LOVE checking things off the list.  You know you do too.  Don't try and deny it.

A cake that looks like a cupcake.  My plan for cupcakes was trumped by a little girl with gorgeous brown eyes saying, "What about my cake?  How about cookies too?"  Thus, I baked all three all weekend!

Who says you can't have a cupcake for breakfast?

Best idea ever.  Pre-scoop the ice cream into cupcake cups before the party.  It always sucks scooping ice cream in the middle of the party when you would rather be having fun.  Never again!  Although, if you are at my house anytime in the next week, I will force you to eat some of the leftovers.

This is a random picture, but I loved the spring mix I cut from my yard before the party! 

What I love even more?  My new sink.  I've wanted a farmhouse sink for a LONG time.  I finally have one.  Isn't this strainer that is made for my sink awesome? I have a cutting board that fits right on it too!

Before party pictures.  She sported this dress for the two hours prior to the party.  Then, she had a wardrobe change to another pink dress her Great Nana gave her for her party!

Pink lemonade anyone?

Pink attire was in the dress code for the day.  No pink?  No worries.  Just borrow something from the basket.

The table of sugar. I couldn't avoid it.  Glad I'm not checking my blood sugar tomorrow!  It was worth it.

Wardrobe change complete.  Can you see her excitement?  

Even baby Brendan was sporting pink.  Quite confusing for Jillian since she calls him the "blue one."  His twin sister is the "pink one".

Blowing out her candle...with a mouth full of cookie.

The cookies.


Present time.  Her necklace count kept growing throughout the night.  Taking them off at night was like de-jeweling Mr. T.

Mommy's favorite present every year.  Jillian's Aunt Brooke makes her a DVD of all of the pictures from the last year set to music.  Jillian's favorite music.  The gift of memories.  Can't get any better than that!

Pooped...Not really.  The sugar had her going for hours after this picture!

There's my girl!

I love you Jillian Kate.  So does someone else.  Love the kiss on her check.  

You are my sunshine.

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