Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Favorite Kind of Weekend.

We had an amazing weekend.  Amazing.  We went up North.  If you don't live in Michigan, that might sound weird, but that is what we Michiganders refer to as up to northern Michigan.  It was a whirlwind tour of Beulah, Frankfort, Elberta, Crystal Lake, Traverse City, Manistee, and Ludington on the way home.  In three days we went to the beach, toured beach towns, attended an awesome rehearsal dinner, beautiful wedding, bridal brunch, kiddos loving sleepover nights in a hotel, and more memories that I can write down.  Here are some pictures of the time we spent enjoying our beautiful state with friends and family.

This picture was from a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.

Despite an unusual cold snap...we had to get a closer look.

Headed down to the lake!

I love this picture.  They were so happy to roll their pants up and RUN.

Myles and Daddy.

Jillian and I.

Photo credit to Myles.  Not too bad for a five year old.  He was trying to make sure he got the lighthouse in the background.  Success, kid!

You would have thought he found a pot of gold.  Yes, that is a fish bone.

Getting a little too close to the water.  It was 65 degrees...not the water, the air.  I'm sure the water was colder.

This picture is beautiful...but Myles was in time out.

Looking for shells.

What a gorgeous view.  Ben and I walked this pier late at night the same day.  The water was crashing up over the pier.  It was beautiful...and a bit scary to be honest.  I didn't want to get brushed off into the rocks below.

Best Friends.

After rehearsal, we went to an awesome beach bonfire.


Getting down!  No need for music when you are up North.

I put this picture in to see the effort I made to get a picture of my kids and I...

Not exactly successful.

My handsome hubby and I on our 10th anniversary.  What a wonderful way to celebrate - with a wonderful couple on their wedding weekend!

Beach babes watching the fire...

...and eating s'mores of course.

Brooke and I.

Downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

Jillian pouting.  Dont' let her pretty curls fool you...this girl has attitude.

See?!?  I'm so glad she can easily snap out of it.  All I did was mention taking her new doll on a tour of the park and she was all smiles.

Park boomerang lessons.


I just had to include this picture.  Myles was exhausted and fell asleep in this position.  His arm fell several times and he would reach back up and get pack into ready riding position.

Fun times.  The proof is in the pass out.

Wedding time!  The kids had to show off their new toys...of course!


Gorgeous setting.  Gorgeous family.

I was quite proud of Jillian's hair.  Despite the sand in it, I was able to get it up and it looked great!  It stayed the whole night!

So happy for Dr. and Mrs. Max Masters.  Yes, that is Ben officiating.  He got his license to officiate for Max and Andrea's special day.

Princess poses.

Ben and I.

Myles was so impressed.

The first dance the dance floor was open Myles and Jillian danced.  Jillian informed me afterwards that she was now married to Myles after that dance.  They danced the whole night away.  I even saw Myles spinning and break dancing at one point...

It was a weekend of great friends, family, and memories.

My favorite kind of weekend.


  1. Ohhh such great pictures!!! Memories forever!

  2. That does look like a great weekend! My family spent nine months in Minnesota and we were able to do an over night trip to Duluth. Your photos remind me of our trip. Lake Superior was so pretty and sooo cold! Thanks for sharing


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