Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Tonight I snuck a peek...Okay, I flat out watched Jillian through the tiny window at dance (despite the fact that we really aren't supposed to).  The frame of the window seemed to frame her tiny, graceful body perfectly.  In fact, by chance, she was the only girl I could even see at the angle of the window.  I guess I was meant to watch her.

I was in awe.  Don't worry, I promise this won't turn into a bragging mom post about how great of a dancer my daughter is...  That is not the point at all.  Frankly, I don't even know if she is the best, the worst, or average.  I was just watching my Jillian Kate.  I watched her carefully point her toes.  She deliberately moved into each position her teacher called out.  She moved with a grace about her that I could never imagine (and would never have myself).  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I couldn't believe that my little girl knew what to do as the teacher yelled, "Plie´! Releve´!"  As they continued to practice, her arms gracefully extend out with her toes pointed and outstretched in the opposite direction.  She was concentrating.  She was working to do everything she was told.  (Aside from the habitual swipe of her bangs that kept falling into her face).

Watching her, I saw a young lady.  A girl who has grace, patience, composure, and maturity, with the spring in her step that only a three-year-old ballerina has.  How did this happen?  Who is this tiny person?  She is growing into her own.  She is discovering her likes, dislikes, talents, and...who she is.  Who she will become.  And this whole dance thing?  It is completely independent from us.  Sure, we take her there, pay for it, etc.  Yet, once she is there, she is on her own.  She is a dancer.  She doesn't have a mom who danced for 12 years and knows everything about what she is learning.  This is her thing.  She knows more than I do.  (I've even been know to Google ballet terms that she mentions and shows me - so I can see if she is doing it right.)  This really is her thing, not mine.  I love that.  I love that she can feel proud...independent.  And...for whatever reason, I feel like tonight I had a glimpse into the future.  It wasn't the dancing, per se.  I don't know if she will even continue to dance in the future. It was the concentration and sincere intent and desire to do well.  It is a quality that I know that we will continue to see as she tries to conquer her challenges.  Witnessing it through that little skinny window...was beautiful to me.

Then...the music stopped.  Stickers and suckers were awarded to the girls that did an exceptional job during practice and the door burst open.  My little Jillian came running to me, talking a mile a minute...bubbling over with energy.  The glimpse of the future snapped back to the present.  My fun-loving, joyful preschooler had to tell me all about her day.

I will love every minute of this energetic little girl time.  A glimpse into the future makes the present even more endearing.

She talked our whole way home until dinner time.


  1. Really sweet. My three-year-old wants to take a ballet class so badly and we will probably sign her up soon. I was never a dancer but both of my sisters were/are. It's a whole world I haven't discovered and although it might be too early to tell with this one, I do think my daughter just might be a dancer.

  2. Sounds like she's growing up in a loving nurturing home that will help her into whomever she wants to be. What a lucky girl!

  3. Wow! At age 3, to have that kind of concentration! I took ballet once as a child (older than your daughter) and didn't focus, so I failed that year. The rules are too strict and I was too much of a free spirit to care. I should have been put in an acting class. I was always looking for attention.

    Now, I have 2 (actually 3, if you include my youngest) dancers in the house, my 14 year old and my 12 year old. They will start a ballet class together in a few weeks time. The younger one had taken ballet for 3 years, but quit because her teacher was always shouting at them. The bigger sister has been taking contemporary dance and dance theory, but then I realized the other day that she really has no classical ballet experience and will probably need that if she pursues dancing, which is her passion. They will take ballet with a lady who was kind enough to let us sit in a session and watch. She does not believe in shouting at the kids, thankfully. The older one doesn't mind, but the younger one does, because praise is one of her love languages.

    My youngest will hopefully join something along that line next year as I believe movement is very healthy for them and she is known by us and her teacher to dance to music spontaneously and she interprets the mood of the music and dances accordingly.

    I said more than I meant to. I guess moms like talking about their kids. Also, I don't have too many female friends here in South Africa. I'm the foreigner and the ladies here have their own families and friends, enough to keep them busy. So, this was my way to let it out. Hahaha!


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