Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Our new fish tank has brought tons of excitement to our house. Two cheers for two fish that are still alive after five days.  Looks like we are in the least for a while.  Jillian named her fish Ariel.  It is hilarious - the fish squeezes through the tiny hole in the back of the sandcastle and hangs out.  We figured it was stuck the first time and rescued it, but it continues to go in there and loves it.  Maybe it really is like Ariel...hanging in the castle.
  • This past weekend, Myles, Jillian, and Ben were wrestling around in the family room.  Myles was cheering Jillian on and yelled, "Jillian!!!  Use your BEST weapon!!!!  Your SCREAM!!!!"  He's right, it is her best weapon.
  • Tonight, I spent a few hours playing school with Jillian.  She read me books, patted my back at nap time, and taught me everything that the few hours could teach.  I love watching her little mind working so fast.  One-on-one time is priceless.
  • Myles's last basketball practice was Saturday.  He didn't want to it would not be over for the season. 
  • At a friend's house this weekend, Myles gave me a little backtalk.  When we got home, he and Ben disappeared in to Myles's bedroom.  After a few minutes, I received a sincere apology and a hug and a kiss from Myles.   I love that Ben saw the struggle and talked to him about respecting his mom...and of course I loved the little guy realizing his mistakes.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • At Myles's basketball practice, Jillian started fishing through my purse without my noticing.  She proceeded to pull out a pantyliner and said loudly, "Mom!  What is this thing?!?"  Awesome.
  • Yesterday I wore a dress...that I will never wear least not to work.  I found a picture of it on the web to show you.  It's the one on the left.  The stripes are not red, they are more of a dark coral color.  Anyway, I had too many comments to count, and they continued this morning (a whole day later!!).  Terrible.  Fourth of July, patriotic in March, a flag, Where's Waldo, Miss America, and even a comment about how my hips looked.  Again, I will. never. wear. this. again.  I must have a sign on that says please give me your opinion on my fashion.  Never mind that many of the men commenting wear pleated front dress pants, sweaters from the late 90s, and white athletic socks with their business attire.  Find a mirror, guys.


  1. Oh no!! I was so excited to wear that dress in the next few months!! Bummer...

  2. Dude. Wear the dress. I'll have Chris wear his hot pink dress shirt and baby blue pants the same day to deflect from your dress. It looks adorable!

  3. Lovely list! Role playing with kids is such entertaining and fun. You surely had a good time. Stopping by from thesits, and happy to follow. Looking forward to read more from you.


  4. I have the same dress too!! No one ever said that to me!! Shame on them for knocking a cute dress. Obviously they don't know the diff between red and coral!!


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