Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi There...

So, guess I’ve got to start somewhere… I am a wife and mother of two children. My son Myles just turned five and loves to have fun. Jillian is two, going on 24. She loves all things pink. I work part-time as a Market Development Manager for a $12 billion manufacturing company. What mother actually works part-time though? I would consider it time and half – full time at home and part time for my employer (which seems to inch closer to full time with every passing week). That sounds more accurate, right? I mean, even if I am driving into the office, is it even possible that my mind does not drift away to those two cute faces waiting at home for me?

I have been considering writing a blog for quite some time. My husband, Benjamin, finally tipped the scale. Why not? I may not be the most interesting person ever, but I am sure many mothers can relate to the attempt to balance children, marriage, work, home, and every other thing that your child needs at this very moment (not to mention taking a quick break to use the bathroom yourself!)

I hope that this blog will amount to a collection of thoughts and events that make up my life with my wonderful family. We all have those days where we (I) fall in the middle of Target, bringing my daughter down with me in a heap on the floor surrounded by my purchases (like Wednesday), but we have to get up, brush off our coats, pay for our purchases, and laugh our butts off the whole way home. Every day is a journey through motherhood. Hop along on mine with me. I have a feeling it is going to be a trip…


  1. Nik, I love it! I definitely would want to hear what you have to say! Seriously you fell at Target?! Hahaha, thant's not like you to fall!;)Can't wait to read more! love, Tory

  2. Fantastic! Getting ready to head back to work on Tuesday after 7 amazing months at home with Max. I'm full of anxiety about how I'm going to manage everything, so it will be great to hear about your experiences!

  3. You go, girl! I look forward to reading about your escapades!

  4. Gonna be good. =)

    Happy new year from me at The Bookness. I followed too. Maybe you visit me someday.


  5. Looking forward to reading more! I love your style. :)

  6. I knew I could relate to you for a reason! I mean, there are a million working moms out there, but not all of them are in manufacturing! I am not a Market Developing Manager, nor am I working for that large of a company, but we are both moms working in a man's world!


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