Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kindergarten Round-Up

Kindergarten Round-Up: The night you realize how much your life (and your child’s) is about to change.  You realize your baby is about to leave the bubble you have put around him his whole life to enter the world of school….where sharing is key - germs, naughty words, books, and learning, of course.
Last night we went to Kindergarten Round-Up.  It was really well run and not nearly as big of a deal as I thought.  A pizza party kicked off the night.  Myles was jazzed.  It was hilarious to see him in action.  We had some friends there, so he knew a few kids.  Then, as his preschool class entered one at a time, he was thrilled.  It was as exciting as he could have ever imagined.  Friends, pizza, and KINDERGARTEN!!  He told me four times while we were there that he can’t wait to do homework.  Glad I have this in writing to read back to him someday.  Only a kindergartener would wish for homework.  He was able to go and play with his friends and complete an art project while the parents watched a presentation about the coming year.  I can’t believe how many times they said during the presentation, “We don’t expect you to be able to remember all of this.  We know it is a lot of information.”  I’ll remember, don’t worry.  We are the parents listening to what our kids will be experiencing next fall.  We are paying attention.
I guess I’m still in shock that we will be doing the whole school thing next year.  He is certainly ready, but how did it go so fast?  It is so cliché that every mom talks about how fast the young years go.  Sure, sure, sure.  Blah, blah, blah.  Yet, is it ever true.  Just yesterday we were dealing with middle of the night feedings… cutting his paci…potty training…starting preschool…and the list goes on.  This marks the end of those tiny years for him.  Kindergarten is the start of a whole new era in his life.  He will be a member of the class of 2025.  Whoa.  Weird.  We’ll be the parents of a school-aged child with a whole new set of challenges.  Hope we’re ready.
As we were “touring” the school bus they had parked in the parking lot, I was imagining him getting on the bus on the first day with his little backpack on, turning around to wave goodbye (when the time comes, I’ll let you know if he even bothered to turn around).  What a day that will be.  I remember crying on his first day of preschool.  We’ll see how I will fare this go around.  This year is a double whammy.  Jillian starts preschool and Myles starts kindergarten.  He has his mind set on riding the bus.  “That’s what you do for kindergarten, Mom.  Except on the first day, you can drive me that day.”  Well thanks, hunny.  I have my worries about the bus…most of the worst times in elementary school for me didn’t occur at school…they were on the bus.  Not to mention, little kindergarteners mixed with older kids…teaching him…things. 
I’m sure this next year will bring a great deal of learning for both of our kids…and both of us parents.  We are embarking on a new era of parenting in this house.  Wish us luck!  In the meantime, we will just enjoy this gorgeous weather we were lucky enough to have in Michigan today.
Awkward moment of our playtime outside:  Myles asking very loudly if he could say hello to the man collecting sticks in his yard, which he proceeded to do very sweetly…to the lady picking up sticks.


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