Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It will be clean...

This weekend is party weekend for Jillian.  The big three.  Our house is about to turn into a pink party poof.  She is so excited and I am thrilled for her.  Pinkalicious will be in full effect, not that I have prepared much yet…  I’m stressing a little about it right about NOW.  Although, I’m typing a blog post instead of working on the party...

Don’t you just hate how having a big party gives you that feeling that despite the fact that my house is already clean (because I hate clutter and junk on my counters)…I just NEED to vacuum, dust, mop, clean toilets, sinks, and whatever else has been lurking in the back corner of my mind (or living room).  Think about it…  I am going to clean my house for bunches of people to come in and mess it up.  Something is just not smart about this.  Then…I’ll have to clean it up AGAIN after everyone leaves.  There must be a smarter system.  I’ll let you know if I figure it out.  In the meantime, I’ll be doing the above list.  I’m supposed to.  It won’t be perfect, though.  People come to my house everyday and it always seems just fine.  I think they are here to see us, rather than to inspect my toilet rim.  I hope so anyway.

Then, I have to get to the whole party planning business.  Yes, I have found tons of fun ideas for a fantastic Pinkalicious party.  Wonderful displays of mothers who have put a hundred hours in making the perfect hanging party décor and themed food.  I’m sure their daughters had an amazing party and all of the guests were thoroughly impressed with the details that were refined to perfection.  I’ll take a crack at doing the best I can.  We’ll see how it goes.  This week happens to be an extra crazy week.  I’m looking forward to buying the rest of her birthday present…so I may not get to that pink ice sculpture.  I think she will be okay with it. 

Jillian’s priorities for the day include surprises, her little friends, our family, and hopefully a few presents.  Yes, she picked the Pinkalicious theme, but if you ask her she would easily sway to Curious George, Star Wars (thanks to Myles) or any other party theme.  The bottom line for her…it is a birthday party.  People are going to sing to her.  She will get some presents.  Most importantly…she will get pink cupcakes, pink ice cream, pink lemonade, pink cookies, and anything else that is pink that I can pick up between now and then.  This girl loves food.  Really, she loves treats.

I’m guessing Jillian won’t notice if I don’t get the napkins folded just right or the frosting perfect on the cupcakes.  So… I will make a valiant effort.  I might just try my hand at some of the fun themed items I saw on Pinterest…  If they don’t turn out, it will be just fine.  My tiny little girl who is going to be another year closer to not being so tiny anymore will love it no matter what.  People that love her will be here.  For that very reason she will have an awesome day. 

Oh – and it you are coming here for the big hoorah…don’t look in the corners or inspect my toilet rim, please.  I’m sure you would rather give Jillian a big hug, right?

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  1. I don't even try and fight the crazy anymore. I've accepted the fact that I just feel better when it's clean and do it with no apologies. I stand united with you.


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