Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Home Chicago…Surprise!

This weekend is going to be such an exciting, sneaky, and fun time!  We are in Chicago to surprise my Mom for her birthday.  Such a wonderful Mom deserves a sweet surprise!  Currently, we are hiding out in the Hilton Suites, waiting for our surprise breakfast tomorrow morning…a table for six, rather than just two for my parents.  I won’t be posting this post tonight…better wait until the surprise has been revealed!  Tonight as I am typing, we are working through our first try with the kiddos sleeping in the same bed.  So far…Jillian is trying her best to keep Myles awake.  I’m glad we have our own room.

I love Chicago.  I have loved it here as long as I can remember.  Back in high school, Ben and I used to dream about living here someday.  Each year, as our anniversary would approach, we would plan a day trip to Chicago.  We would hop on a quick train ride and enjoy a day of sightseeing and shopping.  What more can a girl ask for on an anniversary?  Wonderful memories. 

We lived here for a while a few years back.  When you live in the city of your dreams, every single day is an adventure to discover.  We enjoyed awesome restaurants, neighborhood exploring, bars, shopping (of course 1154 Lill Studio), and just living city life.  We could not have asked for more.

Now, we bring our kids back to Chicago 4-5 times a year to enjoy the culture and the fun the city has to offer.  They tend to want the same attractions (not always our first choices) each time.  The Lincoln Park Zoo, Aquarium, Disney Store, Navy Pier, American Girl, Lego Store, riding on the El, and looking up at the John Hancock building in awe are a few of their favorites.  Oh – we can’t forget to mention, “the best noodles we have ever, ever had Mom!” at Osteria Via Stato, our favorite restaurant.  

Every year we come back the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It is one of the best times for a child to be in Chicago.  The Disney lighting parade where Mickey waves his wand and lights all of the trees lining Michigan Avenue is just magical.  Want a super secret insider scoop on the parade?  Watch it from Oak Street.  There are hardly any people and since it is the beginning of the parade route headed for Michigan, there are eager “give-away” people waiting to hand your tiny tots parade prizes.  Guess it is not super secret anymore…is it…  Typically, we stay at the condo that we used to live in (my parents are staying there this weekend).  Our kids have come to know some of the doormen and they can’t wait to see Conrad, their favorite gentleman on door guard.  I hope that these trips bring a perspective of city life to our kids, as they grow older. 

I’m looking forward to sharing my Mom’s special day in our favorite city tomorrow.  She loves Chicago and we love her…so it is fit to be a perfect day in the city.

Happy 29th Birthday to the best Mom I could ever ask for.  
Hope you like your surprise (us)! Love you so much!


  1. You got me! The best present I could have! Thanks Hans and Nicole and Benjamin! Best Birthday!

  2. Tell dad we are free next year!!! Love you have fun!

  3. Is that a picture of you and your mom or is it you and Jillian? One of our favorite cities!!

    1. The last picture is of my mom and Jillian. It is from a while back. :)


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