Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday’s Love and I’m Better Off Without Lists…

You’ve been missing this, haven’t you?

Love List…
·         Checking on the progress of my perennials each day.  Spring has sprung!  Perennials will forever be on my love list.  A one-time planting commitment for long-term, continually increasing rewards.  Yes, please.
·         Jillian asking me this evening, “So, how was your day today?”  She has also been referring to me as “Mother” since I got home today.  Actually, it sounds more like “Motder”.
·         Myles and Jillian copying us anytime we hold hands in the car.
·         Easter basket shopping. 
·         Jillian’s final box of diapers from last summer is being used to ensure dry naps for each of her babies…and Minnie Mouse.  She discovered the baby care goldmine in the back of her closet last week.
·         My new granite countertops.  I have a busy husband who plans to install the backsplash in a few weeks.  You can see pics of the final result when it is done!
·         Baseball practice starts tomorrow!
·         The projecting nightlights in our kiddos’ room.  Now they demand that there is NOT a hall light on, so they can see their princess or solar system better.
·         My beautiful sister Sarah honoring my wonderful Grandma by naming her daughter Josephine.  She is due in August with my first niece and I can’t wait!  Isn't she so cute?

I’m Better Off Without List…
·         My new found weekday (non long-run) running procrastination tactics.  Oh, the phone rang and I’m already in my running clothes with water bottle in tow?  Well, I better answer it and spend the next 60 minutes on the phone instead of the treadmill.
·         The Computer God Law that states that anytime you are sending an email to more than 400 people at work, the file will have a glitch.
·         Carbs.  It hurts to put them on this list because sometimes I still want and love them, but I don’t love how I feel after I eat more than normal.  It seems I am already conditioned to not have many of them.  (You can read more about this here.)
·         Coming home to a dog that has had a sick tummy all day.  Not a big fan of puke or poop patrol…on my favorite rug…or in my dining room.

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