Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dancing Jillian AND {Giveaway!!}

I have no words.  Simply...adorable.



Okay...I lied.  That is just not like me, right?  No words?  Yeah, right.

My favorite part of Jillian's first day of dance ever...  She walked in to the room which was filled with older girls and the littles combined.  She squeaked her little bottom right in between two older girls and started copying the stretches they were doing.  So sweet.  It is going to be a fun year.  I promise to try not to be a "dance mom."  We'll see.  That bun, those shoes, the pink...I LOVE it!  So glad she did too.



So...I am super excited to have another fun giveaway for my followers!  

In my jewelry box, I find that I have a few simple, go-to pieces that go with every outfit and are easy to wear everyday.  In fact, sometimes the necklace or bracelet that I wore all day, doesn't make it back into the jewelry box...for a week.  Maybe I'm just too lazy to even take it off?  Or maybe, it's because a simple, classic piece is so versatile...there is no need to take it off!

Well, that's why I was so excited for Yameyu to be featuring the next giveaway.  All of her handmade pieces are simple, feminine, and modern.  What is also awesome about Yameyu?  She was inspired by her mother to begin crafting this gorgeous jewelry.  I'm all about Mom Love!

"Inspired since childhood, I explored my own creativity and found designing jewelry gave me so much pleasure. When I was a child, most weekends were spent visiting fashion galleries and jewelry stores with my mother and aunt. My mother made me custom dresses and accessories that were the envy of my friends! I have always admired my mother’s great sense of style."

Take a look at this adorable silver bracelet!  The winner can choose a red or teal bead with it.

A simple, chic and minimalist bracelet.
A modern curved silver bar on sterling silver chain with a pop of red or green vintage bead.
♥ Sterling silver chain and clasp
♥ Available with coral red or teal green vintage bead, the winner can choose the color!
♥ Length approx. 7 inches long
♥ Silver tone metal bar measures 30mm do you enter?  Follow my blog (Click "Join this Site" in the sidebar) and comment below with your favorite item from her shop!  You can find her shop by clicking on the link in this post, or the Yameyu button in the sidebar.  Easy as that!  If you are already a Follower, you have it easy - and can skip that step!

Good luck, friends!  This contest will close in one week!


  1. She has great items. It's really difficult to make one selection so I went with two; simple eternity necklace & double layer necklace. I will definitely shop here again!

  2. I LOVE the LOVE necklace it reminds me of Sex in the City!

    I cannot WAIT To be a dance mom someday!!! Or Gymnastics mom!! Whatever they are better at!! :)

  3. I like the wish beaded bracelet. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I think this would go with just about anything! PS Jillian looks adorable!! I really hope she loves it. Prima Ballerina :)

  4. Jillian is so precious! There are so many cute items in the shop, my favorite is the Sterling Silver Eternity Double Ring Necklace.

  5. Your blog is so cute! You are such a good mom! Peruvian Chalcedony Gold Necklace, and Eternity Gold Double Ring Necklaces are my favorites!

  6. I love the gold disc necklace that you customize with initials. I have honestly never thought to use etsy for jewelry. Have I been missing out!! Thank you, Nicole for showing me the other side!! However, my husband may not share my joy!

  7. Jillian is so adorable!! What a big girl!
    I love this Etsy shop...I see some Christmas presents coming from here in the future :)
    I like the Peruvian Chalcedony, Fresh Water Pearl and Tiny Gold Leaf necklace.
    Thanks, Nicole

  8. I love the filigree daisy earrings!!

  9. Your daughter is cute! I have a 3 year old daughter as well, and she also just started dance classes :)

    My favorite item from Yameyu is the Sterling Silver Daisy Flower... it's adorable!

  10. Teal Green Vintage Glass Gold Necklace is my favorite necklace but it was hard to choose! And don't worry not all 'dance moms' are crazies :)

  11. I love the baby dove neckless! It reminds me of my tattoo of the holy spirt! And Jillian looks so fricken adorable! I miss her so much!!


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