Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • So thankful that I have a little boy who is up and around.  Feeling better and better everyday.
  • Looking forward to a weekend in Chicago with the Disney Christmas lighting parade, a visit with Santa, some Christmas shopping, hot cocoa, and some good family fun.
  • Jillian came to me with her play cell phone last a very businesslike matter-of-fact tone she told me she was going to call her best friend from school.  She dialed the phone, put it to her ear, and turned to me in a squeaky voice and said, "What is her name again, Mom?"
  • Myles' teacher is amazing.  He loves her and I can totally understand why.  She is so caring and...just wonderful.  I'm so glad.  The first teacher seems to really set the tone for school and I am so glad he wants to go every single day.
  • Buying a bag of fabric scraps for a couple bucks and finding super score adorable prints in the bag.
  • Jillian loves to color and do "projects".  In fact, she put "projects" on her thankful turkey (a project we did last week).
  • Somehow I got my living room painting project done this weekend.  I'm contemplating the dining room before Christmas.  Since I am serving dinner on Christmas Eve for 18 and breakfast on Christmas Day for eight...I better not start it if I can't finish it.........
  • I have the rest of the week off of work!  (Well, if you don't count several teleconferences.)
  • Last weekend, Jillian was engulfed in a movie with her legs crossed rubbing her tiny feet together, just like her Daddy does.  Adorable.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Taking tons of time to get something just right...only to lose it before saving.
  • The cushion to the chaise portion of our sectional.  During one of the highest fever points of last week, it fell victim know....stomach contents.  It has been eradicated from our house for cleaning.  Actually, the kids are loving it without the cushion anyway.  It hasn't stopped them from sitting there.


  1. "eradicated from our house!" love that line!!! hilarious. not the whole vomit thing but the retrospect wording! :)

    1. Ha! Well, I debated about including it, since I hate discussions and FB postings about vomit (like I can catch it through the computer). :)

  2. Sounds like Miss. Jillian gets her love of projects from her Mom.
    Tip for tomorrow on what not to do...Skype with grandparents too long they become over tired and lose the ability to self-soothe :/


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