Thursday, December 27, 2012


We are still in vacation mode in our house.  Too much sugar.  Questionable napping schedules.  No planner usage in over a week (which might be why I double booked our social calendar for tonight.  Oops.)  Two toy piles still remain.  I saw a quote this week that said something about the mess made on Christmas morning is the most fun mess we ever make, so don't be quick to pick it up.  Well, it's killing me...but I'm trying to go with the flow.  We are putting things away slowly...and playing with them even more.  I love this week - the week between Christmas and New Year's - every year.  Fun with family and friends...who could ask for more?

Wanna take a peek into our last week or so?

Jillian at her school Christmas party.  She was so proud.
Circle time is more fun when your mom is there...or so I have heard.
"Cooking" at school.
 That afternoon it was on to Myles' party.  I worked the cookie decorating table with a friend.  Best choice ever.  It was the favorite "center" of the day.  Who wouldn't like the cookie decorating, eating, and hot cocoa center the best?
The Eve of Christmas Eve, my beautiful niece was baptized.  I love this picture of Myles and Jillian witnessing the Sacrament.
How do you celebrate your baptism?  By a swimming party afterwards, of course!  I love the look on her face.
On to Christmas Eve.  These cousins just loved posing like this...can you tell??  Ha.
I hosted 19 on Christmas Eve and 8 Christmas morning.  So happy to celebrate with family.  Here is a peek at the table...or at least a setting or two.  I love that I can use my Grandma's gold silverware for half of the place settings.  Silver and gold on the same table screams Christmas to me.
Poppers are an English tradition that we keep each year.  Love it.
My awesome baby sis made a Pinterest pin of mine come to life for me for Christmas.  At least someone makes virtual decorating a reality out there. 
Myles and Jillian leaving their milk and cookies for Santa by the fireplace.
AND - on to the most important job of the evening...putting baby Jesus into the manger.
 Like a champ.
 Christmas morning brought squeals of joy and excitement.  Santa's letter included a comment about Blitzen loving the sprinkles (on the cookies).  Jillian has told the story to every person we have seen since Christmas morning.  She thinks that is just the funniest thing ever.
 Myles waited until 7 am to wake his little sister.  "Sis!!  Let's go see if Santa came!!!!"  Her response was priceless.  "Ohhhh!!!  Myles!!!!  You get to open what I got for you!!!  I can't wait!!"  Love it.  It was giving excitement, not just receiving.  Just fills my heart.  This photo is him opening it...A blue Power Ranger.
This present...  Ugghh.  One of my bigger mistakes of the year.  She didn't know it yet, but her face describes how I feel about what is in that wrapping.
This face too.  The doll.  It poops.  I hate it.  She loves it.
 This year at Ben's grandparents house, his amazing Aunt Julie started a new tradition (or at least I hope it becomes a tradition).  Minute to Win It Christmas games.  The kids loved it.  The teens loved it.  The parents loved it.  The grandparents loved it.  Amazing.  Here, Jillian is stacking nuts with a candy cane (cheating oh so slightly with her little hand).
Tossing marshmallows into a wreath bucket.  Notice the adorable pink dance outfit?  A gift from an awesome older dancing cousin to a first-year ballerina.  So cool.  She wanted to put it on.  Even better.
Trying to stick Rudolph's nose onto her nose without hands.  There were so many fun games - I didn't even capture them all here.
After ten years of marriage, I guess Ben and I have learned something about communication...winning this game by more than doubling the next closest pair.  Twenty ornaments balanced in one minute without it tipping over.  Can you tell I am proud?  I have to have some sort of claim to fame, since I jerked my neck for a minute like a fool and never mounted the red nose on my own.
Christmas is a time for family and friends.  We are maximizing that this week.  Hope you are enjoying yours.  

I have some changes in the coming weeks at work.  I'll get around to posting about it soon, but for now I'm going to continue my no-calendar, fun-focused schedule.

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