Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello, Friday!

I have found new appreciation for the weekend since I am back to work full time.  Makes sense…I had gotten really used to my double weekend life.  Really, we all should consider a Monday, Tuesday, Friday workweek.  Maybe the whole world should get on this plan.  Productivity?  Eh, it may be over-rated.  I digress, as usual.  I am thrilled that Friday has arrived.  I am flying over some mountainous range (I truly suck at geography – always have and always will) in route to my family.  My countdown that began at 4:35am on Monday morning is fast approaching it’s ending!  My week has been super-productive, but I am more that ready for dinner with my family, bedtime stories, and waking up to happy and smiling little faces.  Kudos to my husband, who seemed (at least from afar) to keep everything and everyone under control in my absence.  If you (for whatever reason) know otherwise, please don’t tell me.  I prefer ignorance over intelligence in this area.

Around our house, we try and make it a mission to find fun things to do as a family each weekend.  This weekend will definitely be no different!!  I am in the early navigational phases of balancing working five days a week and prioritizing the fun stuff to the top of the list each Saturday and Sunday.  This weekend should be no problem.  Despite my Type-A pull towards getting things done that may have piled up while I was gone (like laundry) there is nothing that I want more than to spend time with my family.  Laundry can wait!

So, I’ll finish this flight, hop on to another, and be home in time for Jillian to wake from her nap and Myles to get off the bus…and start this weekend.  Perfection.  In the meantime, I am working through making it the rest of this four-hour flight without being “that woman that went to the bathroom from the window seat twice.”  Figures, on the way here I was in Economy Plus on an aisle with no one in front of me…and I never had to go once.

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  1. Hi Nicole! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Check out my link for details...I have always loved your blog and appreciate your support of mine!


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