Sunday, February 17, 2013

TV Nights

I've been neglecting you a bit...  Sorry, friends.  Honest truth was that I had a rough week last week and I actually wrote two posts...and never hit publish.  But, I'm here today and that has to count for something!

So, on to a lighter note - who controls the remote in your house?  This is usually never an issue for us...well...unless you count Monday nights,when I just have to watch the Bachelor.  It drives my husband absolutely nuts.  Don't ask me why he doesn't like watch women bicker, claw, fight, and whine their way into the heart of a single man.  This is real life romance...or a train-wreck with highlights and bikinis.  Either way, it is a Monday must.  So, he retreats to the living room.  I feel bad that we aren't together for the night, but then at least he doesn't witness the full effects of the typical popcorn, cereal, or cookie-fest that occurs as the drama unfolds.

Most nights, we can come to an easy conclusion about what to watch together.  Luckily we have similar interests and I don't mind watching sports on TV, so we are good to go.  We have had a few bad influences from some of Ben's friends...  Shows like Moonshiners, Amish Mafia, and Duck Dynasty tried to infiltrate our evenings.  Thank goodness it was a short-lived phase.  I would rather watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Power Rangers.  Well, maybe not Power Rangers, but that is a whole other topic (How the heck are those guys cool again?!?)

Sometimes on the long days that seem like they are never going to end, I look forward to the mindless TV time.  I love to sit in my pjs, cuddled under my blanket, hanging out with Ben.  (No, he doesn't use a blanket and he thinks I'm crazy to use one even in the summer.)  There is just something so cozy knowing that my kiddos are tucked snug in their beds dreaming sweet dreams while we watch the latest murder mystery unfold on network television...or the DVR.  It's the simple comforts that I love.  Hope you are cozy on the couch tonight...enjoying every last minute of the weekend before the work week begins again.  Go ahead and eat that piece of pizza from Saturday night calling your name.  I just did.

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