Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And it is back to work I go...

After a wonderful break for the holidays, today I was back to work. As with any morning that I work, the alarm clock went off too early. Luckily, I have a husband that will make me get up (only after the second snooze – he is smart enough to choose his battles). Otherwise, I would be happy to stay under my comfy covers all day…well, really just until my kids wake up.
Let’s just say today was a ponytail day. That says it all, doesn’t it? It was tough getting ready to get back into the swing of things. I’m sure many of you had a similar feeling. Once I get to work, somehow I can switch into “work mode”. I would never try to deny that I drift back to those kiddies at home playing tea parties with their grandma. I also can’t say I never do goofy things like fall in the hallway, trip over invisible carpet bumps, or say things that come out differently that I heard them in my head (I am just too na├»ve I guess.) Despite this, like all working mothers, somehow I am still able to shift away from “mommy mode”. Potty breaks, art projects, macaroni and cheese, and practicing letters must fade into the background to get down to the task of the day away from home. Today, it was teleconferences, reports, forecasts, resumes, and email after email.

I’m so glad as soon as I walked in the door we could get right down to our important Mommy business of the day. Tag, tickle fights, and reading books were all on the menu for this afternoon. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m lucky enough to work part-time, so tomorrow is sure to bring many fun moments with the kids.
Sometimes I really feel like I am two different people. One at home playing with my kids, and one at work in a professional setting. I bet many mothers would agree though…some of those tactics we use with our kids apply in some way at work. Hmmm. Maybe a future post on that!

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