Monday, January 2, 2012

Jillian Kate: The Pink Post
What a gorgeous day. Since we didn’t have any snow for Christmas, guess today is the day to enjoy it! The kiddos had an awesome time playing outside all morning. I asked them what they liked the best. They answered unanimously, “Eating SNOW!” Playing in the snow is only worth it if you can go inside for “warm cocoa” and “warm pink cocoa” afterwards.

Jillian is a tiny girl with a big personality. Quite a decisive young lady, she knows what she likes and she’s not afraid to tell you. She is very loving and loves to be a “cuddle bug.” She talks like she is much older than her young age of two. Her latest negotiation… Arms stretched like an airplane going potty, she proclaims, “I don’t need to wash my hands. SEE! I’m good at balancing and I didn’t touch ANYTHING!”
A very independent girl, Jillian can do anything herself according to her. “I can do it. I’m big.” She wants to get herself dressed in the morning, put her coat on herself, clean up her own toys, and zip her own zipper. Her confidence is inspiring. After trying, once in a while she will ask for help. Recently I heard, “Is it because I’m not big enough yet?”
You can see a peek of Foofa's arm here!
She has successfully asked Santa two years in a row for some obscure toy that Santa has to search and search on eBay to find, only to pay more for a “Like New” version of the outdated toy. Guess she likes the classics? That is if you consider Barney a classic. I’m sure some of you that were children from the nineties loved Barney… This year it was a Talking Foofa doll. Don’t know what that is? Consider yourself lucky. She made sure to specify to Santa that she didn’t want her to talk at night and wake her up if she takes her to bed. Only talk when she wants her to talk. Okay, got it.
A complete, neat-nick, Jillian knows where every toy in her room belongs and will fix it if you put something back in the wrong place. Lucky Mom, I know! Need an image pick me up? Just wear a dress or skirt around Jillian. She will be sure to compliment you. “Wow! You look like a princess!” This is quite a high compliment from a toddler who adores princesses. The highest of compliments…being called Sleeping Beauty. Of course, she is the prettiest princess, she wears a pink dress!
Jillian always knows the right time to say I love you. Sometimes, it’s right after she has spilled a box of cereal. You go ahead and try and get upset with those long eyelashes and head full of brown curls looking up at you! Other times, it is just because she is such a sweet girl. In 2011, during many times of loss in our family, Jillian could sense when we needed a hug. I hope her caring and loving nature stays with her for a lifetime.
Thanks for stopping by! Now you know a little about both of the special little people in my life. I’m definitely a lucky mom! Tomorrow I guess it will be back to work. Not sure about that pencil skirt… Thinking I might have eaten a few too many Christmas cookies!

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