Sunday, January 22, 2012

Date Night...Sanity Night.

Sanity. That is what date night is about. It is a night that I can leave the kids in the trusted hands of a sitter or family member and we can go out and join the adult ranks for a few hours. Dinner I didn’t make, drinks without sippy cups, and in last night’s case, fun and celebrating with family out on the town. We all need a reason to slather on the red lipstick and squeeze into a tight pair of jeans once in a while, right?

All day, my kids were so excited to have their sitter coming over. The anticipation of playing with her had them jumping up and down as she pulled in the driveway. What a wonderful way to leave; confident that the kids were safe and having as much fun as we were (well, hopefully not quite as much!)

The kids were all set for a night of fun and that left us to our own schedule for the evening, which didn’t include our typical bath, brushing teeth, and story routine. We had a great time out for dinner and drinks. Adult conversation, funny stories, and alcohol-induced giggling are sure ways to round out a fun evening. As expected, the kids had a great time at home with the sitter.

We don’t actually schedule a date night all that often. We are masters of the “staying in” date night, complete with pizza, putting the kids in bed, popcorn and a Redbox movie. Yet, when we do plan actually leaving the house for a date night, we never regret it. Somehow, an evening away offers a renewed patience with the kids and a reminder of what life was like pre-kiddos. It serves as proof that we are still as fond of each other as we were when we met in high school…I am still a light-weight with drinks..And karaoke night at any bar can turn into a comedy show real fast. Don’t worry, I did not sing.

One of my favorite parts of the night though? Coming home and seeing both kids tucked in bed tight, kissing their little faces, and thinking of the day ahead of us tomorrow.

When is your next sanity night? Get it on the calendar. I doubt you will regret it.

A picture says 1000 words (with picture quality only a dark bar and an iPhone could provide).


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