Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday’s Love and I’m Better Off Without Lists…

Love List…
·         Myles telling Ben after reading the latest chapter in his chapter book, “Why do you always look at the next chapter when you know 9 will be after 8, just like 60 will be after 59, Dad?”
·         Gabbing with my sister for an hour on the phone instead of running tonight.  Priorities.
·         Wandering through aisles and aisles of gorgeous slabs of granite to find just the right ones for my countertops.
·         March is reading month and my kids cheer every time they get to add a sticker to their reading chart (thank you Erica!)
·         Peeking in on Jillian cuddled in her princess sleeping bag surrounded by books and stuffed animals, fast asleep napping.
·         Myles and Jillian elevating us to heroes just because of some old trophies from our early years.  Myles asked, “Mom, if we do good deeds, can we earn these trophies?”  After taking one to school for show and tell he reassured Ben, “Dad, I told them you earned this playing basketball.  I didn’t earn it.  I borrowed it.  But I’ll earn my own someday.”
·         Jillian asking for “Jacks” today for a snack.  Apple Jack’s.
·         Wilson cleaning up 90% of the “Oops!!” in our house.

I’m Better Off Without…
·         Toddler snot bubbles.
·         Soapbox discussions.  Do people just like to hear themselves talk?
·         Germs.  Actually, I believe I am officially a germophobe.  Hand sanitizer anyone?  How ‘bout some Lysol?  Oh, we need to shake hands?  Hope you don’t see my hand sanitizer rub down immediately following.
·         Dust.

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