Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Summer anywhere along Blue Star Highway...along the western coast of Michigan.  Do I sound like one of those "Pure Michigan" commercials yet?  Seriously, I really appreciate this awesome state I live in (..well mostly just in the summer).  I have traveled all over the United States for work, always thinking there was somewhere so much better out there.  I decided that I am the most happy right where I am.
  • Bronzer.  Otherwise, my face would not match my body at ALL!  Can't go without sunscreen on my face...I don't need any wrinkles!  Bronzer can make up the difference.
  • Myles asking from the backseat this weekend, "Mom, is it okay if I share my tootsie roll with Jillian?"  What a sweet boy!
  • Driving with the windows down.  I don't care at all about messed up hair...bring on the wind.  This is our first summer in a while without a Jeep Wrangler to take the top off...  Guess the windows and a sunroof will have to do.
  • Lazy evenings on the couch.
  • Sweet tea.  Now I can only have it with artificial sweeteners, but I love it.  I wasn't even born in the South.  When I was a kid, I remember drinking so much of it on our trips to the Carolinas that I would get sick.  Still worth it.
  • This weekend I missed Myles' tee ball game that was during the bridal shower. (It was the first time I missed one and it was kinda sad!)  I called him to wish him good luck.  He told me, "I'll get a hit for you, Mom!"  Love.
  • Strapless swimsuits.  Why have I not done this before??  Hello?  Now my sundresses don't look weird with awkward tan lines.  Too bad I didn't do this the year I got married.  I remember putting oil on the strap marks and 50SPF everywhere else.  I still had lines.  Ten years later, I finally figured it out.
  • Watching Jillian chew bubble gum.  She chews like a major league baseball player.  She had her first piece (that my mom gave her) a few weeks ago at a baseball game.  She fell in love with it.  Now, every time she sees my mom, she is hoping for a piece.
  • This week my goal was to be peaceful.  I rocked it.  
Better Off Without List...
  • Jillian's new disdain for meat.  Yesterday, after dinner we drove to Battle Creek (a half-hour drive).  After arriving at our destination, I noticed she was still chewing...her chicken.  Sick.  What got her to swallow it?  Seeing my mom...she was hoping for gum.
  • A sunburn.  I never burn!  Guess I can't say never.  I have a pink back and a new understanding for people that sunburn.  Ouch!
  • A dog that has been sneaking on the couch while we are away.  Nothing a little tin foil can't solve...but I'm not used to a naughty dog!  He's not a puppy anymore!


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