Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Photo Dump!

You know it was a great weekend when your camera battery is dead before Sunday even gets rolling.  Only sad thing about that - not one picture from the two FUN parties we went to today.  Oh well.  It is what it is, right?

Friday was the last t-ball game for the AAA Lions.  The boys were excited and so proud of the great season they had.  The medal Myles received is now the newest important accomplishment...and it has Jillian contemplating t-ball next year.  It's all about the jewelry, right?  Here are some pictures from Friday night's game...

Myles (on left) in ready position.  Seriously, how cute is that?

Jillian, never missing a game...loves to cheer on her brother.  Or - maybe I should say play with the other little sisters in the stands.

This week Myles was sneaking out of the dugout to talk to his sis.

Dad and son high fives on the field.

A little trash talk on first base?  Not sure.

Two super buddies.

Saturday morning it was on to Holland, Michigan for the Eighth Street Farmer's Market.  Myles and Jillian scored two huge Amish chocolate chip cookies.

I didn't know it...but Ben was taking pictures of me taking pictures.

Jillian and I looking at succulents.  I just think they are so cool!

On to downtown Holland for lunch.  Yes, I let them have cookies before lunch.  It's the weekend, right?  Myles and Jillian were leading the way.  It is pretty awesome to not have to haul around a stroller and diaper bag.  

Daddy capturing Mom and Jillian sneaking a kiss in the booth.

There are no words for these silly faces.

After lunch and a quick stop at White House Black Market (of course), we headed to Windmill Island. The last time we were here, Jillian was one week old.

Myles kept asking if we were still in Holland, Michigan or the "other Holland".

Everyone needs a picture in front of a Windmill, right?  Our last name means brown cabbage in Dutch for goodness sakes!

Myles and Jillian running to go inside the windmill.  We cheated on the tour...we snuck ahead.  I never do stuff like that, but it was hot and we didn't need to know every detail about how the windmill functions.  I felt like we were skipping class or something.

Two cuties on a rock...sitting right next to each other...without fighting!  It was a great weekend.  Hope yours was too!

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