Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Sunday night on my long run, (which is so awesome lately because I don't need to run a set mileage and I can just run and run wherever and how ever far the road takes me) I saw three tiny deer crossing the road.  They were not scared of me and they were just adorable.  What a great way to start my run.
  • The sunshine!!  No need to explain this one!  Even better?  Sunshine and this view of the sailboats on Gull Lake.
  • Hearing, "Jillian, I love you" from Myles on our road trip this weekend. 
  • During my nightly song ritual with Jillian, (each kiddo gets three songs - Rock-a-bye Baby, Zippity-Do-Da, and a made up song composed impromptu on the spot by me!)  I was singing about Jillian the princess visiting the pink castle where Mommy the queen, Daddy, the king, Myles, the prince, and Wilson the beast were waiting for her.  From Myles' room down the hall he yells, "Moooommm!  I don't want to be the prince.  I want to be the knight!"
  • During a Saturday morning tea party with Jillian, she poured me a cup of tea in the yellow cup that she always reserves for me.  She proceeded to pour pretend sugar in the tea.  She looked up at me with her matter of fact expression and said, "Don't worry Mommy, this sugar is sugar-free."
  • The "cookie fairy" left cookies outside for the kids.  Upon hearing about it, Myles ran to see the cookies.  He said, "Let me see what they look like...  Yup, definitely my Nana did this."  Of course, he was right.  Think he might have eaten a few of her cookies in his lifetime?
  • This week Jillian met her first other girl named Jillian.  Let's just say she wasn't a fan of sharing her name.  We had to have a talk about stomping her feet, slamming a door, and pouting in her room.  She decided going by "Jillian Kate" for the rest of the day would help.
  • We are working on our awesome wicker lawn furniture that we found at a garage sale last year on the way to a family party. (You could practically hear the brakes squeal as Ben slammed on them to stop and see the set on display as we were passing by.)  Well, it isn't all that awesome yet...  It is country blue and faded, but nothing we can't fix!  $35 and some spray paint (okay - a LOT of spray paint...have you ever spray painted wicker?  It takes A LOT of paint.)  Soon enough, I will have an adorable sunshine yellow wicker couch, two chairs, and table for our yard.

I'm Better Off Without List...

  • Enduring presentations that include more of the word "ummmmm" and "like" than all the rest of the words combined.  I started keeping count.  37 "ummmmms" in less than seven minutes.  Keeping count did make things more interesting, though!
  • Fire drills at work.  No, I don't mean alarms sounding, flames engulfing offices, and people running out of the building (although, this would be horrible and I don't want that either).  I mean, hurry, hurry, hurry!!  My (symbolic) hair is on fire, and need to please find some water and put it out!!!  Please drop everything you are doing and FIX THIS!!!  Before we all get BURNED!!! 
  • This week I asked the kids, "What is something you don't like very much?"   I thought they could contribute to the list directly this week.  Myles' response: Princesses.  Jillian's response: Star Wars, Batman, or Transformers.

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