Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...

  • Jillian found a caterpillar this weekend down by the dock at my in-laws house.  Squirt or Katie the Caterpillar (whatever she feels like calling her at the present moment) crawled up and down her arms for quite a while on Sunday afternoon.  I saw her grab her swimming ring to get back in the water.  "Jillian, where is Katie?" I questioned.  "Mom, she wants to go swimming."  "Where is she, hunny?"  She pulled her out of the top of her bathing suit.  "I put her in here to keep her safe."  Awesome.  Hope she never pulls money out of her top.
  • The gorgeous sunflower on my farmhouse sink.  So sunny and summery.
  • Myles was invited by one of his little friends to vacation bible school last week.  He loved it.  He was so honored to be the friend of choice.  Friendship at five is so adorable and just simply fun.
  • Haircuts.  Even if it is just a trim, I love the hour of chatting and leaving there like a brand new woman!
  • We made the decision to tackle our next HUGE home project...painting our trim white.  It will completely change the look of our home and I can finally choose colors that are not earthy.  Looking forward to grays, blues, greens, and yellows.  I'm sure this item will end up on my better off without list as soon as we begin this monster project.  I need to remember, one room at a time!
  • My new discovery that white vinegar will remove hard water stains from the fridge water tray.  Amazing!
  • Jillian renaming her flower girl position in the wedding this weekend to "wedding princess".
  • Myles has increasingly impressive negotiation skills in trying to convince us to watch a certain movie (Star Wars of course) or read a certain book, or play a certain game.  I'm thinking this kid will be negotiating big deals in just a few years.
  • Family Floating.  Notice Myles is tied to the boat?  Embarrassing, but true.  He will just swim away when we are parked in the middle of the lake!

Better Off Without List...
  • Seeing my shadow running.  I don't look nearly as cool as I thought I did.
  • Our obligatory trip to the Marina to go poop every single time we are out on the lake.  No matter what we is a necessity for a tiny person with cute brown ringlets who will go unnamed, so she won't kill me when she is older.  I think she might even like the groan she hears every time she says, "I gotta go poop!"  She wants to go visit "Marina".  Maybe it is a Fresh Beat Band thing??
  • Not actually being able to work at work.
  • Heat exhaustion.  Having goosebumps while running in 93 degree weather is not a good sign.


  1. I love the wedding princess!! cant wait to see her in her beautiful dress :) oh and of course Aunt Brooke too!!


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