Saturday, July 14, 2012

When was the last time you fell at the bar?

I bet I have you beat.  I did last night.   In front of a lot of people.  I fell hard.  So hard it was difficult to get up. When I finally did make it upright on my five inch heels, I told the nearest woman, who was concerned, but laughing, "It will be interesting to explain this my kids when they ask mommy how I got my bruises."  I think this story might deserve a rewind...

My sister Erica is 21.  I'm 31 (at least for a few more weeks - gotta hold onto this age until the last possible minute).  She called me on Tuesday.  She thought we needed a girls night out - dinner and drinks on Friday night.  Yes, that makes a ten year age difference if you are counting...which puts her at her drinking prime and me...well, not so much.  Yet, an opportunity to spend the evening with my sister was awesome.  We see each other a lot, but my sweet kiddies tend to consume our attention most days.

So, Friday night arrives and it is time to pick Erica up.  The evening starts with me getting gas at our small town gas five inch heels and a dress.  Let's just say I didn't quite fit in.  Back into my car, with carseats in the back, I head to WMU campus to pick her up at her apartment.  The sidewalks near her door were filled with college kids drinking and having a good old time.  Thank goodness she came out and got me at my car.  Who would want to make the walk up the sidewalk to her door...alone?  Not me.  Probably not even when I was in college, let alone now.

The Before.
On to dinner and drinks in downtown Kalamazoo.  I was really branching out, friends.  I didn't even bring any hand sanitizer in my clutch.  We had a lovely dinner and decided we were going to hop bars all night.  So we did...  The Union, The Wine Loft, Webster's, and the Sky Deck.  It was a great night and I was making a valiant attempt at keeping up with a college level alcohol tolerance.  She wanted to do a shot at The Wine Loft.  She managed to take a poll for the lowest sugar shot that didn't taste too terrible.  Only Erica could pull this off without looking like a total dork.  (Although, I'm not so sure she is worried about that anyway...since I heard her talking about her cat at the bar...)  I can't believe I did the shot.  I haven't done one in ten years.

The After.
By now, you are probably assuming that my big fall of the night was alcohol induced.  Funny thing is, it wasn't.  I'm just that clumsy.  The Sky Deck has a huge lighted tent...which has to be staked in some way, right?  Yeah.  And down I went.  My wrist and knees may have bruises, but mostly it was just my ego that was hurt.  I don't recommend falling in front of that many people.  Ever.  Just when I think that I can successfully bridge the gap from a Mommy making macaroni and kissing boo boos to a pseudo sophisticated woman out on the town...I am reminded that I am who I am.


  1. You are so funny, Nik!!! I'm still LOL after reading that . You're writing is authentic and humorous , I love it . I hope you and Erica had a great night despite the fall . My favorite part of the story - the Hand Sanitizer side note . That 's what sent me over the edge . :)
    You two looked gorgeous ! Tx for sharing


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