Monday, September 3, 2012

The Night Before The Big Day...

You are probably sick of hearing about school starting.  I know...I'm obsessing about it.  I have cried..nightly.  It is completely irrational and I know it.  Every kid goes to school.  He is ready.  His preschool teacher reassured us of that.  He will do great.  He will make friends. Christmas, I will be laughing at myself about how I acted before school started.  BUT - for now... I'm just going to keep obsessing.

I can say I feel a lot better after going to the store today.  Silly, I know.  Being as prepared as I can to help him throughout his day makes me feel better.  It's like I have done everything I can possibly think of to make his day goes smoothly.  I have to leave the rest up to him.
I have spent a good portion of this weekend obsessing about a certain lunch box organizer that I wanted for him.  I have looked and looked.  It was like if I didn’t find this organizer, it wouldn’t be just perfect.  So stupid, I know.  There is no way the packaging will change how the sandwich tastes.  It is just that I was trying to fulfill the picture perfect lunch I would pack for his first day of school…and the organizer was there…not ten little sandwich baggies.  He could care less…it’s me…and I’m obsessing, remember?  Well, I found the organizer…finally.  Just a few miles from my house, Meijer had it waiting for me.  I should have checked there first, I guess.  You know what else they had?  Magnetic frames.  Tonight, Myles and I picked two pictures that he liked of our family to put into the frames.  When he misses us (if he ever does – who knows!) he can just visit us in his locker.  These two little purchases put me at ease (at least a little).  

We have 1000 papers signed and waiting in his backpack, his first homework assignment is done, his art shirt and rest blanket is packed, and his clothes are spread out on his floor ready to put on.  He is ready.  I sure hope I am.  Wish me (and him) luck.  I am confident that he is 100% more ready for this than I am.  Yes...I cried putting him to bed tonight while singing his songs to him.  I think he could hear my voice shaking...he burped a fake burp.  Thanks buddy.  I'm sure tomorrow I will shed a few more.

Good luck Myles.  I love you.

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