Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Love and I'm Better Off Without Lists...

Love List...
  • While shoe shopping for new tennis shoes for Myles for school, the sales guy at FinishLine put a pair on Myles, stood up and put his hand on his hips, and looked down at Myles.  Myles just looked up at us in confusion.  The guy put the shoes on the WRONG FEET!!  How does this happen to a shoe salesman??  It made my day.  I tried so hard to restrain myself from laughing.  Ben said, "Are they on the wrong feet?!?"  We still bought them. 
  • I was teasing Jillian this weekend, copying everything that she said.  Yes, I am sure I will regret this sometime when she is doing it to me.  Anyway, she said, "You love me, but I don't really love you."  I told her how much that hurt my feelings.  Her response?  "Mom, I was just playing the game that you started.  I didn't really mean it.  I knew you wouldn't copy that."  Smart girl.  She was absolutely right.
  • Every night I climb up to tuck Myles into his loft bed.  Every night to tease him, I grab his feet to use as a handle as I lower myself back down the ladder.  Every single night he asks, "Mom, are you down safely?"  So sweet.
  • The gush of excited emotions from Myles after arriving home from school.  He had an amazing day...  When I saw the bus coming around the corner my heart skipped a beat.  Okay...maybe three beats.  I'm so happy for him.
  • Supportive Mommy friends.
  • My "Congratulations, you made it through the first day of Kindergarten" hug from Ben tonight.
  • These pictures.
Breakfast before school!
More excited than you can imagine.  "199% Mom!"

Waiting in the car for the doors to open.  It was pouring rain!
Hanging our family pictures in his locker! 

He was the first one on the rug.  On the M, of course.  "See you later alligator, Mom!"
I wouldn't budge on the ride to school, but I let him ride the bus home.  I was so excited to see it coming around the corner!!  (Twenty-five minutes late...I'm so glad a mommy friend warned me it would probably be late!!) 

My big boy.  So proud of him.
Love him more than words can express.

I'm Better Off Without List...
  • School horror stories from other moms.  Guess what, my imagination can already get me to places I don't want to go.  Please don't help it along!
  • Laying awake until 1am last night thinking about school today.  I know I'll sleep great tonight.  He loves school.  Thank goodness.

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